The Roadmap Awards Writing Competition

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Closed for judging! The Roadmap Awards is a cross-genre writing competition tailored to not only showcase the amazing talent here on Inkitt, but also help it flourish by providing detailed feedback and transparent scoring. Only the first 50 submissions will be accepted!

The Roadmap Awards
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Welcome to The Roadmap Awards!

First of all, why Roadmap?

Mostly, because writing is a journey—our progress paved by our efforts and furthered by our loyalty and devotion to the craft—but also because, much like “Becoming a Published Author: Roadmap to Rejection,” on the founders page, The Roadmap Awards were created as a means of fostering this journey.

To that end, this competition is likely to be quite a bit different than your standard, user-founded Inkitt contest. The Roadmap Awards were designed to not only provide a rank to compete for, but also to provide each and every participant the benefit of detailed and constructive feedback on his/her work.

I am incredibly excited to announce that Roadmap has teamed up with Kris McCormick, Editor-in-Chief of Hostile Hearts publishing, to offer some amazing prizes to our winners! Playing on the theme of furthering the journey of a writer, these prizes were hand-picked to be of most benefit to emerging talent.

Early disclaimers:

>>Only COMPLETED works will be accepted; the story’s resolution will be part of the judging.

>>No FANFIC will be accepted; character development plays a large role in the judging process, and fanfic, while entertaining, relies on the use of already-developed characters.

>>While erotica WILL be accepted, please bear in mind that this is a narrative-based competition and your story is going to be judged on plot rather than heat. Please enter accordingly.

>>Since the judges are required to read the entire story and not just a percentage like many other competitions, there will be a limit on how long your book can be. No stories over 400 Inkitt pages will be accepted.

>>As there are a limited number of spaces available, only ONE story per author will be accepted at this time. Should more spaces become available, an announcement will be made opening the contest to multiple submissions.

So sift through your story repertoire and choose your strongest contender. The Roadmap Awards are officially open for submissions!

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