Hot Potatoes

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Sister Faustina felt helpless in the kitchen as she had no strength to handle the heavy metal pots. Where would she find the strength to carry on?

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Chapter 1-Hot potatoes

The kitchen timer rang, signalling that it was time once again to drain the potatoes. Faustina inched surreptituosly away from the huge steaming pots while the other sisters dropped whatever they were doing and raced to the stove.

In one fluid motion, they lifted the pots and drained the potatoes effortlessly.

Faustina sighed. If only she had half of their strength! The pots were too heavy for her weak body. The last time she tried to do the same, she had spilt more than half of the potatoes, almost scalding herself in the process .

She had spoken to Mother Directress on this, requesting to be assigned some other task. But Mother had simply told her that she would get used to the job in time. However the situation didn't not improve. She seemed to grow weaker by the day.

After wasting a few more batches of potatoes, and earning death stares from Sister N, she avoided the potatoes totally by busying herself with any other task she could find in the kitchen.

Unfortunately, there was usually nothing much left to do by the time the potatoes were ready, so it become strikingly obvious.

The other sisters noticed it. She could tell from the knowing looks they exchanged whenever she shrank away from the task. Without saying a word, they had labelled her as lazy, as good as an extra wheel on the wagon.

They had no idea how the seemingly simple task was physically impossible for her. That she would drain the potatoes in a heartbeat if only she had the strength to do it.

Though she should have grown used to their judgemental attitude by now, it still hurt a little. Perhaps she was still lacking in love, she mused, as she trudged to the chapel. For didn’t the bible say “Love keeps no account of being wronged ” ?

Her spirit wilted further as she found yet another reason to accuse herself during her noonday examen. Her self love.

She mentally kicked herself. Great, now she's getting irritated with being irritated with herself. Pathetic!

Oh she must be the most wretched creature in the whole convent! Why does the Lord even bother with her?!

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