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Be My Imperfection

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In a world where no human governs, a young girl becomes the hope of not only the human civilizations but of those monsters that seek for something more than blood. With struggles, discriminations, monsters, and death, all she has left is to change who she is and become something no one would expect, a savior to humankind and a queen to the children of the night. But nothing will be easy, not when five vampires desire her each in their own way. *Warning: Reverse Harem/Romance/Violence/Erotica/Abuse/Descrimination.

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Silver Taurus
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The year is 2050. An unexpected change turned the entire world upside down. Some called it the end of times, others a nightmare, but it was all a reality.

World leaders were entirely executed on live TV. The technology got overpowered, and humans had become prey to something you could only read, watch in movies or in your nightmares.

No one knew from where they had come. Some whispered they were experiments. The result of failed genetic testing from the governments in Europe done in secret.

But did they really do it? Were they the ones who caused all this entire mess? No one knows and until now, eight months after it all started, no one so far has the answers.

The world was now controlled by five creatures that were both beautiful and deadly. Or that’s what they say.

Few have seen them, and the lucky ones who get to get a glimpse of them disappear the following day.

I knew their names; everyone did. We all had to memorize them because they were our new world leaders. Better said, the Bloodlines everyone had learned to fear.

Those five bloodlines were divided according to their powers, and they ruled us, corresponding to those.

The Bloodline of Blood, ruthless and cold-hearted. This was the most feared line, the one you know you wouldn’t survive if you were unlucky enough to cross their path. It was led by none other than the head of vampires, Callisto Ashide.

Rumors have it he was not only feared by us humans but also by his own race. He showed mercy towards no one, no matter who you were, and that was because he could manipulate blood in all the ways he so desired. Including the one inside our bodies. You could get drained in seconds without him needing to touch you.

Although few, and I mean very few, had the honor of meeting him, word was that he was the most beautiful and deadly amongst all the other four kings, as the youngsters my age called them, especially the girls who swoon over those monsters. He was also one of the few who would show his face when something of grave importance happened.

The Bloodline of Time, just as its name, was a line of vampires whose time was precious enough and they wouldn’t waste it on arguing, especially their leader, Adonis Billiot.

He would just stop the time with a snap of his finger and every attack anyone did against him would stop in a matter of seconds, giving them the chance to kill their prey.

If there was one with no patience, that was him.

But another of the five Bloodlines was worse, and that was the Bloodline of Telekinesis, or what most everyone calls them in secret, since they loved bending things, including bodies like origami, the spoon benders, led by Hector Bautista.

Anyone who gets sent to that compound will die in the most painful of ways, in front of everyone present. If the others were ruthless, Hector Bautista was one of the few vampires anyone wanted to go to.

Then we have the Bloodline of Fire, sadistic and savage, led by Seth Ravenscar, the sadistic vampire who despised humans and adored hearing their screams when he burned them alive.

His compound was full of young girls who would get sent to be his toys of prey.

And last but not least, The Bloodline of Shifters is led by Darcy Tudor. They were the calmest bloodline of all of them, with their experiments on turning humans into shifters.

They wouldn’t torture you. No, they would ask you if you were interested in becoming one of them. Immortal and beautifully eternal, creating a powerful line of soldiers, half human and shifters.

Each of them had a role to play in our new world. And with it, everyone learned to fear them with every passing day. It was as if someone had thrown our lives into a paranormal book where you would become the prey and slowly die in one of their games.

But I did not fear them. Not when something else was worse than what was happening in the world.

Nothing could compare to my life being the biggest of nightmares and it happened the day I got pushed into a room, locked away, and burned alive.

I had become the most awful thing since my entire body was scarred. I had become a monster like them before all this even started.

That is a nightmare. One, it will get replayed every day for the rest of my life until it’s time for me to be handed down to one of those five Bloodlines.

Now tell me, is there something worse than my own awful life?

I’m just a girl, ruined to the bone. Looked down by her own family who try to keep a façade just so one of those five bloodlines can’t kill us.

That’s what everyone who is still alive is trying to do. Not get killed.

Lucky for those who get called to be slaughtered like the cows, or so I thought, because right this instant I’m standing in front of two beautiful vampires who are looking down at me as if I was the most repugnant thing ever to exist.

“Drusilla Yophiel Swan?”

“Yes?” I answered nervously, high.

“Today must be your lucky day. You and your family are required on the compound.” The vampire on my left hissed with long and sharp fangs. “Maybe you get lucky enough to die today.” His breath tickled my cheek as I looked down.

“Get your belongings. We are leaving in an hour.” With that being said, both vampires turned, walking away with the rest of their group.

I stood, clutching my ragged dress as I heard my parents arguing behind me. On my left side, my sister stood. A smile playing on her lips. With one glance my way, she scoffed and turned, leaving me alone as I’ve always been since a year ago.

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