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ASSASSIN SCHOOL Knox took a crawled step back and held up his hands, looking up at the student he had walked into he had a smile on his face as he looked Knox up and down. He showed no signs of being from the Wickchere dorm, they walked different and always had their head up high while they walked, something to do with their pride Knox had just assumed. His door to the dorm was still open and it all he would have to do was roll inside and slam it shut before this student could stop him, but they were trained to be faster, and smarter nothing like what Fairchere had taught their kids. "Your from Fairchere" he said with a grin and took a step towards Knox, his foot pressing down on his ankle harshly, until he winced and then he gave it a little release "yeah, you have a problem with it dipshit" the thing that Fairchere had taught the first years was to talk like you owned the world and damn anyone who tried to prove you wrong. The boy raised and eyebrow and leaned down until he rested his hands on his knees and got up in Knox's face "you wish, but the only thing Fairchere teaches you wimps is how to talk like shit and not how to get away with it" he said and reached his hand forward. He looked like he was going for the face but suddenly snapped his hand up and grabbed a chunk of Knox's hair and jerked him up, right into his face and sneered "your nothing mote the dog shit i mak

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C H A P T E R | O N E

The large school took in his entire vision, it stretched to high it looked like it would rip the sky in two just to make more room for floors, and it wrapped all the way around leaving only a small gate for cars to enter.

Knox sighed and gripped his suitcase, his other hand holding into a duffel bag and walked inside the school. A few people were standing in the doors, blocking most of the room so only a tiny gap was left that Knox forced himself to slip through, narrowly missing getting hit by a flying elbow. The main foyer held a few more people, mostly those who were waiting for their dorm numbers to be announced, or to meet whoever they were sharing a room with.

Dropping all of his stuff onto the floor, Knox took up a two seat bench picking his feet up and letting them lean off of the chair arm taking up all the space.

The professors were only on the letter G for last names and his was all the way down at T, he would be here for a while and probably would be one of the last. Luckily it didn’t matter how far down your last name was you still got a fair sized room. This was Knox’s second time at Fairchere Academy, and first year he was stuck with a last year assassin who was close to graduating and they got on quite well. The dorms had two rooms that were connected to an adjoining bedroom and lead out into a living room and a tiny kitchen, the kitchen was never in use. Everyone was to eat in the Grand Hall and then depart for morning and afternoon classes, only to come and meet again right after afternoon classes were over to eat lunch.

There was only one downside to Fairchere, and that was that it had been split with Wickchere Academy, both teaching them how to be trained assassins but they went into two different companies, but their rivalry started here, and if you were the unlucky one you would be the one with a dorm in Wickchere, because all the rooms in Fairchere were overbooked.

The only reason Knox didn’t have a dorm there last year is because his dorm mates last name had started with a B and they got one of the dorms on the lower floors, easier to get to class and to get back to after dinner.

The professors had moved down the list, down to Q and a steady stream of students that had previously littered the room slowly departed, heading up the west stairs and the occasional few sending dirty looks and heading up the east stairs. Wickchere students weren’t supposed to arrive until later just to keep away from conflicts between students and teachers, the hatred didn’t just live amongst the students, it was originally started by the teachers.

The foyer was almost empty, and a few students with the last name S just had traile din and been pointed in the right direction, struggling with their luggage and began the long path up tp their dorms “Turchell, Knox Turchell” a male professor yelled into the hall, his eyes landing on the boy slouching on the bench.

His eyes narrowed at the disrespect and picked up the paper, sliding a pair of glasses onto his face and cleared his throat “Geriath Hall, 708” he said and dropped the paper back on the table and sat his ass back in the chair.

“Your fucking joking” Knox burst out, Geriath hall was on the Wickshere side of the academy, and on the seventh floor “now Mr.Turchell you know why this happens” the professor said completely uninterested and waved him off with a simple jerk of his hand “screw this” he swore and turned to walk out of the academy. He stopped cold, his blood freezing in his veins as a couple buses had parked at the front gates while cars littered inside the gates. Slowly the kids got out, holding a couple suitcases with the Wickchere logo on the back “hurry kid, don’t wanna get caught in that” the professor said and even showed some pity, motioning to the stairs a couple of Wickchere kids had gone up.

Knox collected his bags, bunching his duffel under his arm and picked his suitcase completely off of the ground and rushed up the stairs, he turned the corner towards the second set of stairs just as loud chattering boomed around the space and rang up the stairs.

He heard the professor to wait and that he had lost the paper, he know though that the Fairchere teacher had given him time to make it to his dorm and hide. He had to go up sixteen sets of stairs to reach the 7th floor and then it would take him a few minutes to find number eight, a few Wickchere kids in previous years had decided to change the number so that they weren’t in order, making it easier for them to find any straggling Fairchere kids.

His arms felt heavy and he was completely out of breath once he was able to reach his floor, Knox’s heart had practically jumped out of his chest a few times when he heard approaching voices from students that had already checked in, and flew up that set of stairs until the voices had just became background noise. Walking down the hall, his eyes slid from one door to the next, seeing the order go from 8 to 15 down to 3, there was no order to how they did it, when he arrived at number 7 he noticed it was in the middle of the hall, which meant he either had to leave early before the Wickchere kids woke up or risk it and go late with more of a chance of being seen by a Wickchere.

Sliding the key in the door, Knox turned the lock ad opened the door- slipping inside as a couple voices had began to approach him. Knox leant against the door, reaching a hand up and turning the lock, and straightened his back. He left his suitcase by the door and hauled his duffle over his shoulder and walked a few feet into the room, having a room in the Wickchere dorms meant he didn’t have to share unless there was another straggler from Fairchere Academy.

Loud voice approached his room, a couple people laughing loudly and a loud slam came before his door shook “sorry man, just fooling” a voice hollered through the door and Knox held a hand to his fast rising chest and took a deep breathe, chastising himself for being jumpy.

The dorm was painted a dark grey and had a few dark pieces of furniture that had been set up in front of a large television, a black marble countertop with a fireproof wall behind the stove was at the other wall of the room. The third wall had two doors, the room and a large empty grey wall between them, the bathroom. deciding to go towards the room on the left. He pushed open the door, it squealing in resistance before finally giving way and allowing him to enter.

It was a fair size room, holding a dresser a queen sized bed and a cabinet, a small bookshelf was lined up at the end of the bed. One of the walls was bare, the space being taken up by a large window with a seat being enough for two. Knox dropped his duffel on the bed and walked open the the window, it was two large panels with handle holding it close, turning the handle upwards it went free and got swept open by the wind. Below the window was the courtyard, split in two by a barb wired fence to keep both sides of the academy from going at each other during practice, Knox dove back into his room when the window belonging to the room next to him opened.

Keeping well away from the window, he went back out of the room and retrieved his suitcase, wheeling it into his room and kneeling by the dresser, opening it and bag to peel out a pair of school pants- both for lessons and one for fighting, and then a couple pairs of joggers he’d probably only wear for sleep. His parents had packed him a couple of everyday jeans and placed those to the side, and shut the drawer.

He filled the other doors with other clothing necessities and then moved on the cabinet, grabbing out the left over hangers and pulled all his sweaters and long sleeve shirts, putting them onto the bar and stuffed his suitcase into the remaining space, moving onto his duffel bag which held some crucial things he didn’t dare allow to be tossed around in his suitcase.

The dorm came equipped with an alarm clock and an small bedside light, Knox pulled out a couple of his books and set them very unorganized on a shelf, before shoving the rest of the things he brought, mostly weapons in the bedside table drawer and flopped backwards onto the bed.

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