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A Woman Who Struggles

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Bound by billionaires Weary because of billionaires Pessimistic due to billionaires All my life I've been in the palms of billionaires, they broke me, hurt me and cause me nothing but pain. The nature of them is twisted and cruel, they feed off fear and demands praise from those they deemed less than them, in other words 'beneath their feet.' I never believe money and power could cause such unhealthy and unstable mentally but I was wrong. Until my view on them was proven wrong, billionaires are the worst people in the world. I am Tzarina Vans and this is the story of what I had to endure before I believe once again in happiness and peace. I am A Woman Who Struggles

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Chapter 1

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#Previously known as The Anecdote of the Abandoned Girl.

Kiama --- Sometimes when you're in a dark place. You think you've been buried but you've been planted!

Story Time

I am so hungry, I haven't eaten in two or maybe three days now. Suffering from hunger can mess with your mind and I know that now, even with my uncle I didn't know hunger because, through all the beatings and hurtful words, he still fed me and sometimes allowed me to eat too.

The hunger reached a point where my legs are no friend of mine because I couldn't even move them without feeling as if they were taking the last bit of strength from my drained body. My stomach howls repeatedly from the lack of food and my head pounds from just the memory of not having anything to eat

Through this suffering, there is one thing I am most certain I will not do and that is to return to him. My uncle nor will I beg him, what's the whole point in running away only to return because my two to three days of freedom is not within my favor?

I am so stupid to think that escaping a billionaire and running into another one arms because he was nice for a minute is wise. In reality, he is no better than my uncle though he didn't get the chance to abuse me as my uncle did.

Feeling unwanted every day breaks me and my parent's death shattered my heart. I wonder why am I even in this world if every turn in my life I have to suffer. My parents died, and my uncle's only aim was to break me down which he was successful in, so with the remaining strength and willpower I had left, I ran, I ran for my life.

I was abused for the least little thing I did wrong and when I thought I had someone who liked me, in reality, he was just wearing a mask to trick me and he did. I fell in his palms so easily remaining shocked how I still breathe air but now here I am, on the streets.

I am tired of this life, of my life. My loving parents would be turning in their graves if they could see what their little girl as become. I tried to be good but it was not good enough, I tried to do everything right but I still got a beating, all I do is try and all they see and want is to break me and take from me the one thing I am proud of myself to have kept so long. I couldn't secure a lot of things but I'd be damn if I let them take this from me, I'll be damn if I had let either one of them take my innocence from me.

My uncle was the worse of them all. He stripped me naked and watched as I mentally broke down, as I physically begged him repeatedly why, why, and why, as I spiritually prayed and prayed for help. All I did was try to be the best girl, try to give and receive love but all my try was thrown into my face. So I gave up and packed up. I'll never be worthy so I had to escape my uncle and I am so proud of myself no matter what predicament I am currently in.

The wicked wind beats against my skin waking the hairs and making me tremble, my face feels wet, water pooling my once purple dress that's now brown and black from being on the cold wet ground of this unkempt street for days now. I raise my dirt trap hand to wipe my pale cheek wet from my tears, I didn't even know I had anymore.

I struggle to pull my half-dead legs further into me for warmth, I glance up at the sky wondering, are my parents up there looking down at me shedding tears and holding their chest for me? I love them, I didn't want them to go but they were unexpectedly taken from me, and that day my heart was no longer whole.

All that remains is an empty soulless woman. No happiness, no joy, no life or shine. Darkness, unhappiness, and maybe soon even death.

The click sound on the dirty concrete go noticed by my ears and I turn to see an approaching man in his sharp black suit, anyone can tell he's of money, of a high standard with his head held high, shoulder solid and firm, chest out and eyes looking forward, focus solely on reaching his destination.

"Sir... Please if you could spare some change." I begged the man in a suit. He stared ahead, unfaltering. He kept moving. He kept avoiding, for that was the nature of a billionaire.

I replay the recorder until he was beyond hearing range, he didn't even spear me a glance. I wonder why I still play this thing though, asking when I see them pass but I must, I am so hungry, death can come my way but not this way.

I want my death to be fast and painless, I want to feel no more pain, I just want to be free, reunited with my true loved ones.

Tears reappear in my eyes at the sound of my raging stomach, I tremble from the cold wind beating and beating me, and my head pounds worse than before, only on the verge of making me pass out. I can't stay here anymore, no one will help a filthy girl, no one will show sympathy but I can't move. My strength drained away and my legs were no longer functioning I am stuck here, alone and slowly dying.

No longer having the strength to stay awake, to keep my eyelids open, I slowly descend to the cold ground completely and my eyelids finally gave up, I would say darkness engulfs me but I have been in darkness for as long as I can remember.

I wonder though if it's the final death that came to my rescue, o I hope so.

This is the end of Chapter 1


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