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Christmas Stockings

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This is a collection of Christmas themed works. There are poems, pieces of flash fiction, a satire of a popular Christmas song, and even a short story inside these pages. The cover art is by @Sugar_And_Spice125 a talented you designer who is up and coming here on Inkitt. Please show her some love.

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Karin Venables
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1 Past Time

Mom sitting there

The balls of wool

Knitted with care

Stitches of love as Yule

Draws near

Dad scratches his head

And asks us the word

His pencil sharp

The crossword grid

Half down

Two across

He studies the thesaurus

Another word for for love

Anticipation his guide

Sister lays on the floor

Crayons scattered

Color abounds

In careful strokes

Her choices make

Art of blank lines

And Saint Nick’s

Huge sack of wishes

She wants

The music we listen to

Spills from an old LP player

And in silence we are content

Each to their own

As our favorite songs

Sing carols and hymns

Of sweet bells

Pipe organ might

Choirs delight

And I pass my time

Reading a favorite book

Again, again, again

For each time it speaks

A new message

To me

And I dream of the day

My words will take you away writing here…

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