Christmas Stockings

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Christmas and the Evergreens

I remember the first Christmas wreath I had made for my door.

Evergreen boughs of spruce or pine, laced around a wire frame, woven together with ivy vines and branches of holly with its bright red berries. It is the one tradition I have kept most years, even though I insist on using living materials. I might have to nail it to the door to keep it from growing legs, but it’s worth it every time.

My own personal beliefs bring the traditions of many belief systems into my life. I love the old pagan rituals, Wiccan beliefs, and the teachings of kindness and care from all the major religions of the world. The evergreen plants are a symbol of hope and renewal from ancient times, which have been wound into Christian traditions. The Holly and the Ivy is a hauntingly beautiful carol, melding the two winter green plants into the celebration of the birth of Christ.

Mistletoe is hung in the doors all over the house, but the biggest sprigs hang between the kitchen and the dining room. More in the entrance ways to my home, inviting a kiss from a lover. The plant is magical, it hangs in the canopy of the oak tree, seemingly growing with no roots, drawing support from the mighty branches and the very air we breathe. Today the belief that it cures a myriad of illnesses, is proven. The plant has awesome anti tumor properties.

It’s Christmas Day today, and the memories of dozens of preceding holidays crowd my mind as I prepare to bring a joyful new one into the fold. My own personal season of miracles is complete as I prepare to bring my best friend and room mate home. Healthy, but with a lengthy road to complete recovery, he is alive because of the strides medicine has made over the years. Thanks to God or if you prefer the Goddess for your blessings this year.

In an hour or two, I’ll pull the door closed as I leave to make the journey to the hospital, and the wreath hangs there, declaring my hopes and dreams. The holly, ivy, mistletoe, and spruce boughs declare love will survive evergreen.

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