Christmas Stockings

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Christmas Morning

Hanging in a row

Along the mantle

on hooks of gold

Stockings knitted

of finest wool.

Children peeping from

stairs above

Parents peeking from

the breakfast nook

Wide eyed wonder

Christmas tree tinsel

Sparkling glass ornament

Gold stars of light

Santa Claus confirms

the existence of love

as bright paper wrappings

Fly from books, toys, and sweaters

Abandonment of decorum

Joy, giggles, laughter

Papa hugs Mama

Brothers wrestle and roll

The stockings are last

Sweet treats, small treasures

Carried to chairs

and then to their rooms

Lingering reminders

Oranges, dark chocolate

Hard peppermint candy

Soft chewy toffee

And the mirrors watch

a myriad of reflection

as Christmas fades into

New Year and a journey

of hope

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