Christmas Stockings

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Please Release Me

Please release me let me go!

I swear I could hear the words as the tiny bird inside the box scrabbled around on the flat surface, looking for a secure place to endure the ride home from the pet store.

Christmas Eve 2011

My husband and I made the decision to buy a new bird. We wanted a parrot, but most were way too big for this tiny apartment, so we found the solution. After a hectic week of trips to the pet store, we found her. The one who had made it clear she wanted out of the crowded cage and she’d found her forever home with us.

Her name was Blue, not so inventive, but her personality reminded us so much of Scooby Doo, she eventually ended up being Scooby Blue. About four inches tall when she stretched, craning her neck to see something she was curious about, she was one of the smallest species of parrot in the world. A parrotlet, tiny, with the attitude of a hyacinth macaw or the biggest palm cockatoo.

It was snowing, icy, and miserably rotten weather to be moving a tropical bird in, but we wrapped her box in a warm blanket, and the car was parked right outside the door of the store. We’d left it running to make sure she had the least chance to get chilled.

Jim took her box upstairs when we got home, we parked it right outside the door, so he could get her inside without more cold air hitting her. I took the jeep to park it.

By the time I got upstairs, Blue was exploring her cage and we spent an entertaining hour watching her get used to her new environment. By the end of Christmas
Day, she was perching on Jim’s fingers and by the next day she was already taking naps on his arm when he relaxed in his recliner. She brought him such joy and it is one of my favorite memories from before his untimely death a few months later.

Blue is still alive, living with our best friend and giving him joy every year at Christmas, when she lays another brood of eggs, even though she has no mate.

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