Christmas Stockings

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My Miracle

The Hanukkah candles are sitting unlit.

The Christmas tree is still packed up.

What should have been a joyous beginning to the festive season has been a difficult time to get through.

Watching your best friend and room mate go through a build up of infection which has him screaming in pain, is probably the most helpless feeling in the world. But being a man and being stubborn, getting him to the hospital wasn’t going to happen.

Until the fever hit. Shivers so violent I could hear his teeth clacking together from across the apartment.

And then the wait when he finally accepted, he needed an ambulance and they told me I couldn’t come with him.

Damn Covid 19 all to hell!

In only 14 hours he was in surgery to clean up an intense abdominal infection.

I can’t begin to explain the relief and the hazy high of euphoria, when I realized he was going to make it.

It’s going to be a long road to complete recovery, but he’s back to himself again. The sense of humor, the sarcastic observations are all coming through.

Meanwhile, I sit at home, weepy with relief and happiness and glad I don’t have to deal with guilt because I couldn’t get him to understand he needed help.

Again, damn Covid 19 and the fear of getting it.

So, although I won’t light the candles this year, and the tree will not be put up, I have a greater Christmas gift to celebrate.

God bless the medical community who works tirelessly to help us in our dire need.

And I’ll say the Mi Sheberach, the prayer for healing, and sing the hymns of the season in happiness because miracles do happen.

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