Christmas Stockings

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Winter Whispers

First Advent


Laughing looks

The wreath

Candles red

Holding secrets

Surprises dear

Second Advent

I wonder,

Will the first candle last

We lit them for an hour

With Christmas treats to eat

Whispered plans

Secret smiles

Third Advent

The tree with

Lights to rival

The candles three

Flutters of


Quiet plans whispered

Secretly urgent

Fourth Advent

Fruit cake unveiled

Decadent flavor

The first candle

Almost a nub

Christmas is nigh

Whispering hope

Secretly strong with

Love’s sweet gift

Christmas Eve

One present each

Reflection at church

Silence whispers with

Secret charity

Give care where we can

Share what we have

Christmas Day

Whispers now shouts

Secrets no more

Wrappings abound

Love burst through out

Our house an oasis of


And the Advent candles

Burn bright till they sputter

Utter faith

Peace for mankind

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