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So I was scrolling through my old word documents and I found this book I wrote literally like when I was 11. I wanted to share it with you guys and see what you think! It is about a girl who almost lost her best friend too a guy called Bruce. Its a short story!

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Chapter 1

So I was scrolling through my old word documents and I found this book I wrote literally like when I was 11. I wanted to share it with you guys and see what you think!

That Tuesday morning I was sitting in my usual place in Grade 9 watching the clock tick by. I thought mathematics class would never end, the only reason I managed to stay awake was when the teacher announced that a new student was going to come to our old boring class. As I sat down pulling all my thoughts together and heard my name “Kayla Kayla”,yelled Mrs Pots. It snapped me back to reality. “Yes Mrs Potts”, I answered absentmindedly. “ I was saying ,Kayla, what is the square root of three?”she said. I was just say thinking of the square root of three? What the hell is that? Mrs Potts shook her head and told me to pay more attention in class. 2 minutes later , the most handsome boy I have ever seen walked into class, this goldish blond hair gleaming, limpid blue eyes and a charming smile. For the first time in class that day I finally sat up. “Aah you’re here, class I want to introduce you to Bruce, he is all the way from Colombia”introduces Mrs Potts, I looked around and it wasn’t only me who had taken an interest in Bruce, I saw that all the girls had sat up and smiled. Bruce smiled his handsome smile and said nice to meet you guys, I can tell I am gonna love it here. What!! I taught, love it here?hmm you’re gonna become bored let’s just wait and see. I pushed my thoughts away and pulled all my attention back to what was going on in my class, once again i heard my name but this time i replied because i was actually paying attention. “Yes Mrs Potts”I replied. “Kayla, would you mind showing Bruce around.” “Sure” I replied. Class was dismissed twenty four minutes later. I turned around heading for the door and when I turned around Bruce was behind me. “ Hi Bruce, my name is Kayla ready for your tour,”I said. “Sure,” Bruce replied. Well after an hour of showing Bruce our Enormous school, I was exhausted. My name is Kayla Gracia Rodriguez, I am 15 years old and attend Valley High in Usa California, i am originally from Columbia, Barranquilla. I moved to Usa when I was 5 because my dad died. It still hurts me when I think about it. I am friendly and outgoing and I am not a loner. I join so many clubs and I don’t have many enemies. After my long exhausting day when I came home all I could think about was Bruce’s limpid eyes. I decided that i liked him and he would be a good friend and we were both from columbia, at home i speak spanish because it is my native language and i enjoy it so that’s why when i came home i greeted my mother and stepfather, “Hola mama y papa donde esta kiki”i greeted. “ Hello novia, kiki is upstairs in her room” “Gracias”,i responded. I ran to my seventeen year old sisters room and hugged her. Hola Kiki I greeted.

Hi Kayla, how was school she asked. “MAGNIFICO!!!”I screamed “hoy nuevo chico vino a nuestra clase y es tan guapo”. Kayla, how many times have i told you to speak english to me? You may love speaking spanish but i don’t, “translate it”she scolded. I frowned and said, Today a new boy came to our class and he is so handsome.I quickly forgot about Kikis scolding and started telling her about how my day was and amazing Bruce. The rest of the day flew in a blur and by the time I realised it was 7:40 in the morning I would be late to class, I quickly brushed my teeth and ran into the shower slipped on my school uniform “ADIOS!!!”I shouted and raced to school since I had missed the bus. When I entered the class ,my teacher was giving me a deadly look. I mumbled an apology and ran to my seat, Bruce looked at me and smiled, almost instantly I felt better, at snack time i sat down eating my peanut butter Sandwich talking to bff Danielle Isabel Mebarak Ripoll(she is also from Colombia,Barranquilla) We were busy eating and speaking in spanish. “Yo se, verdad” “ What do you know?″ asked Bruce, we didn’t even notice him walking towards our table. Nothing! We shouted at the same time. He gave us his questioning smile and I said, “we didn’t know you speak spanish” “ I am from Barranquilla, what city are you from”he asked. “Barranquilla”we shouted. “WOW” he shouted and he brushed his hands through his hair and we almost died. Anyway, Danielle, do you want to go to the movies?”he asked. “Sure,”Danielle said, almost as if I wasn’t there. I was almost sad. I quickly whipped it out of my head, he is just being a gentleman.

“Adios Niñas” he said. Después de lo sucedido no pude prestar atención a nada.

When I came home I was so confused I forgot to say Spanish, I mumbled a hello to my parents and raced outside to tell my sister Kiki of the day’s events. I explained to her how Bruce kinda ignored me and focused on Danielle. I explained to her that it was not that i liked him or something but we had plans to go to the cinema together and it feels like Bruce just took over, he didn’t even glance at me. I feel so bad and sad. Danielle Isabel Mebarak Ripoll is my Best friend but now it feels like Bruce is taking over. On Thursday, I couldn’t even think well, I was actually first in class and the teacher looked so surprised.

I decided it was just a small date and I shouldn’t worry about it. That day i didnt even see Danielle alone the whole day, she was always with Bruce and she barely said hello to me in fact she didn’t even look at me, I was bumped! What happened to my Colombian best friend. I tried to talk to her and the only thing she said was “vendré a visitarte después de la escuela” “si” I said . After school I went to my room and waited for Danielle, I wanted for an hour…...two hours …...three hours…….Four hours. It was now eight o’clock……..she forgot. I criedso much and eventually fell asleep. I went to school in a pretty foul mood,I

couldn’t stop thinking,dumped by her bff for life because a boy took interest in her, I was shocked!! I decided that I hated boys and that they were bad news. Later That day things seemed to just get worse, I got yelled at twice because i wasn’t paying attention in class and when i was like, this day can’t get any worse, Danielle came up to me and acted as if nothing was wrong, I looked at her all weepy eyed and whispered , “Te olvidaste de mi” She looked at me with a confused face. All of a sudden my face fell. “ Olvidaste que no viniste,no” She looked at me and said, “ Lo siento” , in a way that was like she didn’t care. I was shocked. I hurried along to the debate club, where I just sat there crying, a lot of people came to me asking if I was alright and I kept on saying yes but the truth was that I was not alright, I was losing a friend. After school ended and I was coming home everything was in a blur, I was truly sad. I was losing a friend to a boy, I am not even sure Bruce cared for her. 15 years of friendship was just disappearing and a big space needed to be filled in my heart.That hole in my heart was really hurting and I needed it filled right away. By this time i was devastated and i really wanted my friend back and i decided that i should forget about everything that happened, people forget things that doesnt mean they don’t care about you, Danielle cared about me she was just a little busy and i knew i had to accept that. So on the way to school, I had a new mindset, my best friend wasn’t ignoring me , she was growing and I had to accept the fact that she was maturing faster than me and that’s how it was. For the first time in two weeks I caught the bus and went to school with a smile plastered on my face and I was feeling better. I decided that when I reached school, I would talk to Danielle and maybe she will still have time for good old me . I reached school in record time that day. I hurried to class and tried my best to pay attention and I decided that today I wanted to make a change. The morning part of the passed in a blur “ Danielle, Danielle prisa ” , I shouted . Danielle turned her head and looked at me. “ Hola Kayla, donde has estado,”she answered. “Around, hey wanna come to my house at four oclock today”I asked. “SI!!!”Ok see you at four. When school was over I ran to my house to clean the room and make it neat for Danielle, I was so excited! I waited till 4:oo and sure enough there was Danielle but she looked so weepy like someone in her family died or something. “ Danielle cuál es el problema ,por qué estás llorando”I questioned. “ When I was about to come to your house today, Bruce asked me where I was going and I told him I was coming to our house and then he said he had already made reservations for a restaurant. I told him I was sorry but I promised you then he yelled at me and broke up with me, he said esta terminado y que si eres más importante para mi que él, se acabó”answered Danielle. “Oh Danielle, i am so sorry i hope u are feeling alright?”I asked.

She looked at me and said yes. Danielle also apologizes for ignoring me and she will never make a boy come between us . As for me, I have changed my mindset about boys…… not all of them are bad news…… but I would never let them get between my best friend and me. Columbian BFFs always!!.

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