BONDS: Choice between family and heart

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:::: :::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::: ::::: He grabbed my wrist and pulled me toward him, by holding both my hands he pinned me to the wall. I was caged between him and wall. I could see his eyes darkening, those eyes held something that I couldn't point out, but probably I can see pure rage swirling inside him. He: I told you to come, but you didn't. Why? I just stared at his eyes as I couldn't believe he is the same person whom I referred as my family, and respected. She: I was caught up with something and moreover it wasn't my place to come. His grip on my hand became more tighter. He: It was your place only. And let me tell you, your place is beside me. Nobody can take it. Do you understand. She: Are you sick in your mind? I never knew you were this disgusting. I will tell my family and everybody how sick you're and..... I was cut off by him , his lips.....

Ria Mhrz
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Chapter 1

Finally, I completed my degree in business. I will gladly join my dad's business in Newyork because I have already done my internship under different companies for experience.

Wow let me tell you about myself, I'm Ansha Shukriti James. I'm half indian and half American. I'm currently living with my father David James, my mother Samantha James and my lovely sister Gracy James. I'm currently 19 soon to be 20 now you're thinking how I got degree, actually I was studying in India till 10 and i skipped 2-3 grades plus I took advance courses which helped me when I moved to Newyork with dad.

Actually I'm not the legal child of my dad. Wow people halt it I mean I was born out of wedlock. As you know my mom Samantha is not my real mom and Gracy is not my real sister.

Actually my dad is a businessman not any businessman but a billionaire . He was the CEO of his company ,my mom used to work there as my dad's pa. He always loved mom but couldn't confess when he did he was married and had daughters of 3 ie Gracy and her older twin Giara. They were kept hidden from the world for their safety. So, nobody knew about them. Love blossomed between them, and in heat of emotion I was conceived that's when my mom Miss Shukriti Gupta got heartbroken when she knew my dad already had a family. So, she didn't told my dad about me and left my dad as she didn't want to become a homewrecker. My dad also went on his way to his family.

Upto 10 years my mom kept me hidden from dad. My dad always loved my mom because she was the first girl to capture his heart but he was married before he met her. My dad always loved my mom but he also respected Samantha mom, they married eachother for business.

My dad always tried to find my mom and many times he even caught her but didn't told my dad about me. I was 10 years when I saw my dad for the first time, he wasn't alone when he met me I also met Samantha mom and Giara ,Gracy. He had already confessed it to her and Samantha mom already knew that his heart belonged other still she accepted me. She wanted us to be together but my mom didn't want to do that so she fled with me again, but this time not only dad but even Samantha mom was determined to bring us together. When my mom saw that she agreed to do but my mom she left me.

It was my 12th birthday we all celebrated it together it was the most happiest birthday ever but I didn't knew it was last time I'm gonna see my mom. She killed herself, she left me. I was handed a letter. The letter said

Dear ansu,

I love you alot. I am sorry that I have to leave you but you already got yourself a family, a complete family. I don't want to disturb this complete family. I know you're angry with me but please don't hate me.

You know I left your dad 12 years ago because I didn't want to disturb him or his family and I didn't want you to be labeled so I left him but when I saw that Samantha was also willing to give you happiness a complete family I couldn't be more than happy. I didn't want to bother you with my presence so I did this. You know I love you more than anything. I just want you to live a happy life. Study hard make me proud and always remember don't make the mistake that I made. Always keep your family's happiness ahead of you. Love beta.

Your mom

After her funeral dad became my legal guardian and took me Newyork with him. I was warmly welcomed by Samantha mom and Gracy. She was always a motherly figure to me she even scolded me for calling her aunty. She allowed me to call her mom.
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