Husband and I made simple

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Gives relationship simple ideas for love forever between husband and wife and brings love magic to follow simple marriage rules, to go into eternal love and to enjoy life completely

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MM Nowshad
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Make your body odor pleasant

Smell of your body may be ghastly to your spouse

Typically he/she esteems you and may not say you are smelly

However you should be able to realize your body smell is stinking

If you have no

choice other than applying cologne choose the perfume par with spouse’s wish

It should not be irritating, moderate, mild and sweet-scented

Exclusive perfumes are well manufactured but do not assume that the expensive one is best suited all time

Less prized high-quality stuffs are available in cosmetic shops

Frequently the scent you apply may be allergic to your partner hence you choose well-matched fragrance

All rationale to plaster your awful odor is lost if your pick is allergic to your spouse

The benefits of fragrance is three folds-it masks your bad odor, it make you smart and it gets your partner closer and perfumes have additional result of boosting your intimacy

Nevertheless before applying your cologne, make sure your body is clean, washed and healthy

Few less familiar illnesses may trigger bad odor in you, hence consult your doctor for appropriate care

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