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Getting into medical school was a dream come true for Spence Johns, but having a good friend that could make recommendations so you can be accelerated is beyond words. What should've taken Spence at least 10yrs of med school, only took him 6. He's beyond smart, genius is more like it. Now, he's done with school and ready for what comes next. Abigail Nixon is a struggling single mom, and life has always found a way to dump on her. She just wants desperately to catch a break, be able to breathe for a change. Abigail always feels guilty that she can't do more for her daughter, but at least they have each other and they are able to survive on that.

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I got a late start getting into medical school at age, but at least I went and I finish at the top of my class. If it wasn't for Matteo DeAngelo writing that recommendation letter for me to get into the accelerated program, I'd still be working to finish up. Now, I'm 29, and I'm thankful to be done though because I've missed being around my brothers every day. Sure, I go home on weekends and breaks, but it isn't the same as being there with them day in and day out. The club paid for my tuition, so now they own my ass. Journey, the President's old lady, runs the clinic in town and I'm going to join her and we plan to expand the clinic so I can run my specialty practice alongside her family practice. I'm a pediatrician, and there isn't one within 50-miles of Lakeview so all of the business will come to me. The club already added to the existing clinic building, now all we have to do is fill it with patients.
I get my stuff packed up from the little house that the club bought for me to use when I started med school, and load the bags up to my bike. Clothes are all I have because the guys came last week with a van and got the bigger stuff for me and took it to my house. I'm excited as hell to be going home finally. I've missed my brothers, but mostly I've missed my best friend. Journey taught me so much, got me interested in medicine. She's the sister that I never had, and I love her like she is.
Black Sails MC is a huge part of me. They took me in when I had no place else to go, and didn't judge me for what my parents did. I can't wait to get back, I think to myself as I ride down the open highway. Like all other homecomings and special occasions, there will be lots of booze and a ton of pussy, both of which I want and need. Getting laid hasn't been an issue for me at all. I'm a good-looking guy, my dick isn't small so that has helped, and for some reason, chics just gravitate to me like a moth to a little flame. My brothers all say it is my babyface, but women love rubbing their hands all over my body. I damn sure won't complain, just hope the club girls are up for a lot of fucking tonight because I'll be wanting to do a lot of it.
After a 7 hour drive, I pull up at my house. I get my bags unloaded and get a quick shower to wash the road smell off of me. I fill my wallet with some condoms and head towards the clubhouse, but I need to stop for gas first. I stop at the small gas station about a mile from the clubhouse and go inside to pay for my gas and grab a lotto ticket. I'm feeling lucky today. I go inside and stand in line behind a younger woman and a little girl. The little girl keeps smile at me and burying her face in the woman's leg, being bashful. I like kids, and maybe someday I'll have some of my own. The woman steps up to the clerk and pays for her items, then leaves out, and the little girl waves at me like I'm someone she's known her whole life. I pay for my gas and get my lotto ticket, and go back to my bike. The young woman with the girl is in the car next to me at the pumps, and she looks aggravated, then I hear her trying to get her car started and realize why she's aggravated. "Damn it!" she snaps out, and I can hear the little girl saying something about Momma saying a bad word.
"Anything I can do to help?" I ask her around the pump.
"No. This car has just had it. Thanks though." she says looking up at me. I can see the look of defeat. "Actually, can you maybe help me push this piece of sh- ... piece of cake out of the way?" I let out a laugh at her save.
"Yes ma'am, I sure can. Do you know what's wrong with it?" I ask her as we push the car towards the empty parking area of the station.
"No. I haven't been able to get it looked at. It has plenty of fluids, just keeps breaking down. It'll be fine. At least we don't live far from here, we won't have to walk far." she says, getting the little girl from the back seat and a couple of backpacks.
"Don't walk. Just hang here for a second." I say, not entirely sure why I'm wasting time helping this woman other than she has a kid with her, she is hotter than fire, and it's making me feel bad that the little girl keeps eyeballing me like I'm a damn savior. I dial up Knuckles since he owns the club's garage and ask him if he can please send a tow truck to the station and take a look at the woman's car. I walk back over to the car and can overhear her soothing the child's cries. "Hey. So, I got you a tow truck coming. No charge and they will give the car a look. It may be something simple to fix, but they'll look at it for you." I tell the woman.
"Oh wow. That's really generous of you. I can pay for it, just have to do it in payments. Thank you for helping me. My name is Abigail, by the way." she says, holding her small hand out to me.
I shake it. "I'm Spence." I say. I'm too in need of fucking to be touching hands as soft as Abigail's. I bet they would feel great all over my body. I need to get away from here before she notices my hard-on. "I got to go." I say and walk to my bike.
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