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Things go on in life. Here’s something.

Ron Gill
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Wind blew across my face as I stood like a statue. Eyes staring straight down, fists clenched, standing on a building as tall as a giant. In that moment, a memory ran across my mind.

I was seven. My parents were in their room and I was playing ball with my brother in the backyard. Our backyard wasn’t anything special. It was a medium sized field of grass with one tall tree in the center. My brother and I went back and forth throwing the ball. My brother threw the red ball at me and I caught it, but this time I didn’t throw it back. I’m bored.” Is what I told my older brother, waiting for him to give a suggestion on what to do next. “Wanna go in the tree house?” He asked with a sweet grin on his face. My brother was always a cheerful person. He always tried to look on the bright side of things. I was the complete opposite. “Sure.” I replied, I didn’t have a cheerful grin like him though. We had a wooden treehouse sitting atop the tall tree we had in our backyard. My dad built it for my brother on his 8th birthday. He was 11 now, yet he liked doing childish things with me like going to play In his treehouse. We climbed up the wooden ladder and into the treehouse. Inside there was a red rug, red wooden stools, and a brown wooden table with paper on top of it. He liked the color red a lot. I always liked standing next to the ladder in the treehouse. I’d hold onto the side of the wall so I wouldn’t fall. My brother was sitting on a chair making paper figures. He was always a creative kid. On the other hand, I wasn’t sure what I was. I always had questions that nobody could answer. All of a sudden, something came over me. It wasn’t an object, it was a feeling. I let go of the side of the wall. Stood there, felt the wind brush against my face. I closed my eyes and let go of any control I had over my body. It was all in slow motion. I felt myself fall from the treehouse. My brother looked up from his small paper figures and his face went blank. He got up from his chair and reached out to grab me before it was too late. I wanted to know how it felt. I knew I would be filled with pain in the end, but the feeling of falling had filled my mind. My brother grabbed my shirt, but it had slipped out of his hand. I hit the ground.

I closed my eyes, and let go of all control of my body. I was falling. When I hit the ground, I got up. I opened my eyes from their shut state, and went home.
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