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My favorite songs! <3 Songs will be updated time to time! THIS IS ALL IN MY OPINION!!

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(May TOP) 2021 Playlist

1. It’s Alright ~ Mother Mother

2. I got love ~ Mother Mother

3. Wisdom ~ Mother Mother

4. Verbatim ~ Mother Mother

5. All Mother Mother song in the O My Heart Album

6. Beverly hills ~ Weezer

7. Boys will be bugs ~ Cavetown

8. My Blood ~ Twenty One Pilots

9. Before he cheats ~ Carrie Underwood

10. Beer never broke my heart ~ Luke combs

11. Build a Bit*h ~ Bella Poarch

12. Stormy Weather ~ Kings of Leon

13. Freak ~ Sub Urban

14. Girls/Girls/Boys ~ Panic! at the disco

15. Peaches ~ Justin Bieber

16. Positions ~ Ariana Grande

17. Little Talks ~ Of Monsters and the Men

18. Leave the door open ~ Bruno mars + More

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