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The CRIME Story

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Hey guys welcome back to my new story after a long time I am writing a story please share as much u can and please understand it and feel it So let's start...

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The CRIME Story

Alia and Anu are cousins they both had lost their families in a car accident so they both bought a house with Alia's father's insurance money and balance Alia paid her engineering fee.
Alia study in SST ENGINEERING COLLEGE first year. Anu had not at all interested in studies but she loves cooking and she is an innocent and child-minded, person. Alia works a part-time job in a restaurant which helps in their daily expenditure. In college, Karthik uses to cover up her holidays, studies, and classes. By the way, Karthik is alias best friend although Alia has more 6 friends Johan, Sagar, Sudheer, kavya, shraddha, and puja. She spends more time with Karthik he uses to help her in her studies and as well as financially also.
One day when it was raining outside Alia called Karthik to pick her up from the restaurant and drop to home because there is no taxi or cabs are available. He picked her up and dropped her safely and then Alia pleased her to join a cup of coffee with her he accepted and they both went Alia was ringing the bell then Anu called her and said the main is jammed, please come from the back door ok you have 2 entries in your house not we have 3 we can get out and come out from this door too actually some times we use this doer while it is rainy season our doors will jam so we use this door this will take to u directly to the storeroom then they both walked from the back door and they 3 had a coffee and Karthik left after some time.
It was farewell in their college everyone is enjoying and celebrating the party and when Alia came back after the party it's was midnight and she was ringing the bell and Anu was not opening the door she called her but she is not lifting her mobile and then she used the storeroom door to enter in the house which was opened she rushed into the house and Anu was lying down without clothes and her body was full of blood she was unconscious for some time she called Karthik and karthik came with police Alia was crying loud and loud. then one policeman came near Alia and taken some signatures of her and asked some questions, ok we are taking the body to the postmortem tomorrow the reports will come and till morning our higher officers will come. Your case will be filed when reports will come and he left. Alia be patience everything will be all right nothing is going right Karthik what she had done she doesn't even have any friend and she is not on any social media app although who had done this.
Next morning...,
Hello, miss Alia right, yes sir this is Ruman crime investigation officer let's have a sit. Ok, who was died I mean what was the relation with her. She was my only cousin sister sir. Any doubts on anyone. No sir I have no idea about this incident. (Murthy is sub-inspector her) Ruman called Murthy and asked about reports he replied sir according to the reports the girl name Anu had died in the attempt of rape and murder and with tests, we are knowing that she was raped by 3 guys and her whole body was chopped and cutted with blade size 5.3 inches big and 2mm width this is clearly and sharply done to hide their figure prints, sir. This is worst Murthy and Ruman felt bad. Ok Alia this is a case of rape and murder would like to file an FIR on it. Sure sir. ok, let's start it, Murthy.
What are the clues Murthy,
Sir broken lens pieces, shirt piece, shoelace, ladder step was broken, sir. Actually ladder step won't break easily which means someone heavy personality has been there in this case. Send all samples to the lab and get the reports.
Next day morning.
Sir, here are the reports of the sample. The pieces of the lens contain -2.3to -2.5 power sight, shirt cloth contain silky cotton fabric, shoe lace brand is puma sir. Ok, let's start it, Murthy. Alia any relatives are there or any family members any doubt on someone. No sir. Ok, how many friends do you have? 7 sir. Call all of them here. But why sir. You have to call because we have to investigate everyone first to ur close one's and then strangers. Alia took her phone and called her friend's sir these are my friends.
Hello everyone I am Ruman crime investigation officer I would like u all to please cooperate with us and have a sit first. You all know that at your farewell day party Alia's cousin sister Anu was raped and murdered so can u all people let me know who are the 3 people who did this. Alia and their friends started murmuring With each other and they were confused about what Ruman was asking them. Then he said let's continue this tomorrow from now onwards till the case closes all of you guys must and should stay here ok bye Good Night.
Next day morning,
First, we will go with our first clue who are having the sight of 2.3 to 2.5.
Ruman called everyone and said among u guys who are suffering from visibility I mean who are using speticals here Sagar and Prem raised their hands. Good how much my boy Sagar replied -2 sir, prem replied -3, sir. Ok. Alia do you have any friends who can't see without spectacles. No sir. Ok, leave it. Let's go for the second clue
Who among ware this type of shirts. Everyone said no.
Let's go for the third one. Who among you guys are 95 kgs puja, Sagar, and Johan raised their hands, ok Sagar and Johan come with me. Who among you guys raped any tell me fast. They both are pleasing to leave them telling that we don't know anything about this incident. Although human was forcing them.
Alia fursted sir please stop it they had no idea about that incident please investigate in the manner they are my friends.
One day Evening time,
One boy came to met karthik from outside and they had talked some words with each other and the boy left this scene was sawed by Ruman. Ruman called Karthik after some time and asked that who was him. My big brother. What you have a brother who is elder than you. Yes sir. Ok, call him again I want to meet him once. But why sir. The investigation is investigation you have to call him. Ok fine.
Next day morning,
This is my brother Ganesh. Hello Ganesh this is Ruman crime investigation officer. Hello sir. Ganesh yesterday, you came here then you are wearing a silky shirt type cotton shirt. Karthik said Excuse me, sir, he had never ware a shirt like that you are wrong. Sorry but a silk cloth shines in a light Karthik and I am not asking you to answer Ganesh, please answer the question. Yes sir I was wearing that shirt but that shirt was not mine it is my friends. Cool then call and tell her to come here as soon as possible.
After some time
Sir, her is he. What's your name? Sir prem. Mr. Ganesh give me your
phone. He took his phone and checked. Prem how did you know this address when he had not even shared his location and not even told address to you. Prem was shocked and looked and Karthik and replied,I had come to this house this was my second time. When you came. Yesterday with Ganesh I was in the car. Alia shouted at ruman are you a human being or animal u don't know anything always you are blaming innocent people please sir they are my friends I have to face them, please sir treat them well you are blaming my innocent friends and real one is enjoying.
Next day morning,
This is the first time Murthy I am not finding the real criminal I was going close the case but it reopens with another way what is going on I don't know. Don't worry sir u will close this case I believe it. please tell me who is Rouhan. Karthik laughed and said Sir, he is my friend he doesn't know what is rape. Please call him. But how you know him, sir. Yesterday, you're mobile was ringing he had called you many times but you were sleeping so now please call him. Ok, I will. Hello, Rouhan this is Ruman crime investigation officer. Hi sir but which crime had happened sir. One girl was raped and murdered here in this house. Then why did you called me sir. Just for a small investigation. Ok, sir. Can see the letters on the board, Mr. Rouhan.
Can please read it for me. Sure sir. Ruman's (phone ringing) one second (Priya is Ruman's girlfriend) Priya how are you and what are you doing. Nothing I was playing don't you know I will be doing my work this time. Ok, call a video call now. It's impossible. Ok, I will call bye.
Hey Ruman. Where are your spectacles? Wow Ruman you proved that you are an investigation officer what sharp viability you have. I know it but where are they. I kept contact lens now no spectacle needed. Ok, will call you later. Ruman rushed into the house and
Rouhan are you having a viability problem. Yes, sir how do you know even I was covering my problem with contact lens. How much is the power. 2.3 sir. Did you buy your lens from Gayatri lens? Yes sir. Ok
Evening time.,
Sir. Yes, Murthy. Why did you catch Rouhan sir although we can catch him with that powerful reason? Murthy did you think he has done all this he asked me which crime had happened sir, I can't arrest him, Murthy. Then what u will do now sir. You just wait and watch Murty what I will do tomorrow
Next day morning,
Ruman took everyone outside of the house locked the main door and went inside from the other side of the door and locked that too and thrown snakes in the garden everyone is rushing here and there and the main and backyard doors were locked they were shouting Nd among them Sagar, Prem, Karthik, Johan, and Alia rushed from the storeroom door. Ruman stopped them and kept Alia aside. The plan was superbly Darwen but u made many mistakes now you four tell me who are those 3 who raped and murdered her. Alia shouted at Ruman sir again you are blaming them. among you and Karthik who in this knows this is another way to enter the house. Prem, Johan, Sagar are the criminals now you guys are under arrest. Prem shouted and said this way was shown by Karthik we don't even know who is Anu karthik once sent her pics to me and said to do all this. Karthik can please explain to me why you have done. Sir for money. Shame on you karthik. Alia fell after listening to this.
Court has decided to hang them on until death in just a week
Alia was crying about insulting Ruman and believing in Karthik. Don't worry go and study stay safe.
Murthy, we had cleared it. Yes sir.
Sir one more case sir. What is this time. same sir rape and murder. What a society we are living in murthy its waste of telling any quotation also Murthy. Let's go

It Will be continued until the rapes won't stop...

On that day.,
When Alia left for her farewell party prem came from the main entrance and found Anu was working in the kitchen then Johan, Sagar, and Karthik was waiting from the 3 entrance which was directly going to the storeroom then prem reaches the storeroom and opens the door then Johan and Sagar comes in and misbehaves with her and after that, they chopped and cutted her body she dies shouting for help...

-Mohammed Abdul Ruman Sahil

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