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This is a place where writers can come together and get feedback or help with their works in progress.

Beth Burke
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Chapter 1

Welcome to the Phoenix Writer's Circles!

The purpose of these circles is to help us as Writers to help each other within our chosen grenes.

Rules: As with any community or group there has to be rules.

1. Comments and Replies must be constructive and helpful. We are not here to put other writers down or to compete with each other. We are here to provide feedback and help each other.

2. If you join a circle then it is expected that you will participate and be an active member.

3. No Promotions- This is not a place to advertise your work. Since this is a group for works that are in process, promotions will not be allowed. This does not mean you can give the name and everything for your circle to read or comment on. Inkitt books only, no Amazon links or things like that.

4. Help others as much as you ask for help. Make sure that you are giving to the group as much as you take.

5. Be Respectful of others.

How will the circles work?

This is very much a work in progress so things might change as I figure out what works best. This is what I have come up with so far.

Each chapter will represent a different set of Genres. These will be organized once I see who is interested and what Genre(s) each author writes. Right now I am thinking.

1. Fantasy / Adventure

2. Drama/ Romance

3. Thriller/ Horror

4. Anything I missed.... To be added

Once you sign up by commenting on this chapter and follow this profile and add this book to your reading list. Then once the Genre Introduction Chapters are posted next week find your chapter and introduce yourself to the group and tell a bit about your WIP.

Once you introduce yourself to your circle(s) then there will be a Genre help chapter for different problems.

1. Plot

2. Characters

3. Chapter feedback

4. Other questions

Once you have found your correct chapter then you can put your question to the group.

Make sure you check the chapters to see if you can help others.

To Sign up to participate in these Writing Circles comment on this chapter with your Name and Inkitt User name. What Genre(s) you write in and what you hope to get out of these circles.

Feel free to also include any way you think this could be changed or improved. Since members can't create groups this was the best I could come up with.

Feel free to also tag others that you think would be interested.

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