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Ella's life gets turned upside down as her once perfect sister is forced to into rehab. Wanting to know the truth about everything, Ella has to become part of her sisters social circle. As Ella unwinds the truth about her sister she finds out more then she meant to, not just about her sister, but about her whole family. She realizes that maybe she had been wrong her whole life. Ella's so called "perfect" sister had been living a double life. And little does Ella know, there's a reason her sister has two sides to her.

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Chapter 1

365 days until the incident

“Go away,” I said to my sisters pesky dog. “Come on, please just let me eat my lunch in peace.” I sighed. why, just why, can I never eat a thing in this house without having to sharing with this stupid dog. I set my lunch -a ham sandwich and some potato chips- on the kitchen counter and headed upstairs to my Dad’s study

I stood in the doorway of my Dad’s study, looking around the room; bookshelves lined the walls, and even more books were stacked on the floor. The only place there wasn’t books was my Dad’s desk, which stood in the middle of the room. There had been a time when his desk was touching a wall and was placed so he could see out the window. Now he had to many books he couldn’t even see the window anymore. He was sitting at his desk writing in his journal.

“Dad, Clover is driving me CRAZY!!!” I shouted.

Dad looked up from his journal and gave me a raised eyebrow look. turning back to his journal he said in his calm scholarly voice “We do not shout in this household young lady. And please treat Clover with kindness, your sister was not happy with leaving her behind and it would sadden her to know how much you seem to hold disdain for her beloved pet.”

“Her beloved pet,” I scoffed, “no one can actually like that dog”

“You know Ella, not everyone has the same opinion as you.” Dad said so mater-of-factly, that it made me want to scream.

“My name isn’t Ella, it’s Amelia!” I shouted as angrily as I could at him and stalked out of the room.

For as long as I could remember I had been called Ella, I had been called that name so much, I thought it was my real name. Then, when I started high school I found out the truth when my home room teacher asked whether I wanted to be called Ella or Amelia. I had told her that I wanted to be called Ella because it was my name, which turned out to be a huge mistake. Now I’m teased for not knowing my own name.

I don’t know how or when I got the nickname Ella, I had tried asking Mom and Dad but they wouldn't give me a real answer. And when I asked Lily, she would always say that she couldn’t tell me and that she was sorry. I had been sure for a while that they were just messing with me until I asked Dad for the millionth time and he looked me in the eyes and said, “if I tell you, you will never be able to live a normal life. I want you to endure the least amount of pain in life as possible. That is why no one is ever going to tell you how you got your nickname.” Dad’s words had stuck with me, I never asked about my nickname again. Dad’s words were always running through my head, I couldn’t stop thinking about them. I wanted to forget, I wanted to start being called Amelia and forget I had ever been called Ella. And I wanted to forget Dad's creepy words.

As I stepped into the kitchen I could instantly tell that Clover had eaten my lunch. There was food everywhere and in the middle of it all was Clover, eating to her heart's content.
"You little brat!" I shouted at Clover as I picked her up off the counter. Her fluffy black fur was spotted with bits of bread and ham. Now I have to give her a bath I sighed and set Clover in the kitchen sink.
I quickly wiped down the counters and swept the floor. After I had finished cleaning the kitchen, I filled the the sink with water to give Clover a bath. As I put dish soap into the sink Clover started to lap the water.
"Bad Clover!" I scolded her. Clover stopped lapping the water and started splashing around instead. I sighed and started scrubbing her fur with the bubbles.
After I had finished scrubbing her, I drained the sink and began rinsing her off. As frothy white bubbles gave way to Clover's black fur, she started to try and shake herself off. I sighed again, now I need to take a shower, all thanks to this stupid dog.
After I had finished cleaning Clover and I had dried her with a towel, I headed to my room to take a shower.
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