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Real happiness lies in one's mentality

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While walking in park Tina was surprised seeing the couple with their children who were enjoying a lot with each other and with their children.They seemed as a middle class family.They were talking, singing and playing with their children.Tina was surprised seeing their love for each other.Though they are not rich but they are rich in their heart which is most essential to live happily in this world.
Tina felt very sad for herself and was feeling jealous of them.She sat in lawn and was lost in her old days.She was doing business with her husband Rohit.They are a high class family.They have two sons.Their sons were reading in one International school.They don’t feel lack of money in their life.They always give importance how to earn money.They thought that money is everything in life.So they were also doing too much hard work for money and they achieved it also.By earning money they thought that they can achieve everything in life.
When Tina saw that couple and their family she felt very depressed because she thought that she never enjoyed her life with her family.Though they have too much money they didn’t have time to spend with their family and couldn’t enjoy their life.

In the meantime her sons are doing good jobs staying in foreign. One day her husband had heart stroke and died.Now Tina has too much time but her husband is no more and her sons were far from her with their family . Tears came from her eyes thinking that she never enjoyed her life with her family. Her days have not passed . She was feeling very bore and lonely. She realised that it is due to her own faults. She gave too much importance to money in life. She was thinking that through money she can achieve everything in this world. Now she is a millionaire but she is not happy and she realised that money is not everything, money cannot buy happiness. Happiness depends on one’s mentality whether they are poor or rich.

While wiping her tears she was thinking that one should value the time and one should enjoy their life. Once time is gone it will not come back again . She thought that if she had importance to time and understood that real happiness depends on one’s mentality and not in money , she would not have run after money her whole life without living in the moment.
It was sharp 8 in the evening when she saw the time and there was nobody else in the park. At that time she heard someone calling from behind. When she turned around she saw the guard. He said hurriedly ,“It is time to close the park.” She came back home thinking all these things which has no value at all. She was thinking if she could realise this a bit sooner she could have enjoyed her life to the fullest. Now she cannot go back to her past to relish the time with her family.

Lost in her thoughts she didn’t even realise when she reached home. She opened the door and after a lot of introspection she called her sons to visit her for some days because she wanted to be with them whenever she could. After talking to her sons she fell asleep without having dinner. The tragic memories and regrets were still lingering with her.
The next day she didn’t go out for her routine morning walk. A few days passed arising the suspicions of her neighbour.
The neighbour gathered the other residents in the building and called for the police. The police arrived shortly and they entered the house after breaking the door. They couldn’t believe themselves because she had breathed her last breath and died after getting a stroke.

Chinmayee Mohanty

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