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Yun Chen who was sitting in the garden, suddenly heard a voice... [system binding....10%... 20%... 100%] [Congratulations for the host for successfully binding sign-in system] [Ding... As long as host sign-in to the system, host can get rewards] "Is this system in novels? Did i really get one?" Yun chen who was wondering system, suddenly heard another sound [system binding.....

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Chapter 1:second generation rich ruined my life

Hangzhou province,
Jingnan city.

In front of main entrance of the Hangzhou province southern restaurant!

"Lu nan, I'm sorry, I'm late"

At nine in the evening. Yun chen ran towards the table where a beautiful girl was sited and chatting with her friends.

"This is for you, nannan, Happy birthday"

He hurriedly handed a beautifully wrapped box and a bouquet of roses with a smile he was so happy.

Lu nan was Yun chen's girlfriend, they were together from second year of college until now, they have been in a relationship for a year.

In a wrapped box there was a small beautiful watch, which was Lu nan taken fancy at a time, but couldn't bears buy it because it was too expensive to buy it.

Today was Lu nan's birthday, so after he got off work, he straight went to that store and buy this watch with his two of month salary.

When he handed the gift and flowers, Lu nan was little angry, but Yun chen felt he was confident.

At this moment, Yun chen was imagining that 'she will feel so touched and threw herself at him and give him a soft kiss'.

"Yun chen, lets break up!"

However, he heard Lu nan's cold parting words.

"Nan nan, this joke~ is not good at all"

Yun chen was stunned but said with confused words. Because Lu nan always likes tease him, so he thought that Lu nan was joking with him.

"Yun chen, i am serious, not joking, we are done" Lu nan said with serious face.

At that time, Yun chen heard a sound of door opening, but he was stunned not knowing at all. A figure walked in with a smile, seeing everything happening in front him.

After coming back to his senses, Yun Chen step forward and the gift he came with fell to the ground from his hand.

"Lu nan, sorry i was wrong, i shouldn't come late" Yun chen felt something was wrong and after coming back to his senses he said quickly.

He step forward and grab Lu nan hand "Lu nan, i know i was wrong, i shouldn't come late for your birthday, but i specially went to the store to buy this, gift for you...do you still remember the watch, you liked so much before, i went to the store to buy it today, this is for....."

"Stop, enough"

Lu nan forcefully shook off her arm from Yun chen's hand, and shouted

"Yun chen, wake up"
"from now on, we are done"
"we broke up, it's over"

Lu nan words were like sharp knives, piercing Yun chen's heart. It took him a minute to come back from cruel reality.

" Broke up right? Then i want to hear the reason why we breaking up!"

Yun chen tried to control his emotions and pretending to be calm, but there was a huge wave in his heart.

"My dear, are you done yet? Do you need my help?"

As soon as a voice fell in Yun chen ears, a handsome man in a fashionable suit, walked in from the door, then looked at Lu nan and asked with a friendly manner.

"No need, Mo jin, i am okay, i'll be right there, you go in first" Lu nan was originally cold face but after seeing Mo jin said with charming smile.

Yun chen saw this man, he was stunned, because this man was no one else but his classmate Mo jin, a second generation rich kid, everyone in class know him because he Is famous playboy in college.

"You want reason right? This is reason you are poor" Mo jin said to Yun chen, then look at the watch in wrapped gift "for this kind of watch, you need to pay your full months salary, but if i want it i can have it as much as i want"

"Is this reason sufficient?" Lu nan said in cold voice, without worrying about Yun Chen feelings.

"I... I did not expect you to be this kind of person" You chen said looking at the woman he loved in his past, he feel disgusting.

"Yun chen, woke up, this Hangzhou is not suitable for you, go back to your village, spend your rest of your life in your village, go back to your village and start farming"

"You can't change your life, your destiny is written with spending life in farming, your fate cannot change even if you enter university."

As soon as Lu nan voice fell, she turned back and walked straight towards Mo Jin.

"You.." Yun chen so angry that he want to vomit blood by the words of Lu nan in his heart, but he know poverty limits your imagination, he didn't expect that this will happen to him.

Yun chen looked at the bouquet of flowers and the gift on the ground, looked at the way of departure of Lu nan and Mo jin in the restaurant, at this moment he felt like as is his entire world dimmed.

Even though at this time, Hangzhou lights were bright and colorful, but he lost it's colors in his eyes.

Yun chen clinched his fist at this moment and looked at Lu nan back.
Yun chen turned around and left the gift on the ground and left the restaurant.

After leaving the restaurant, Yun chen don't know where to go, he just walked straight and straight.. Not knowing how far he has gone, after walking for ten minutes from the restaurant, he looked forward and saw a small garden, beautiful gardening trees and benches, he walked forward and sit on one of the bench.

At this time, a unknown and white ray fell from the sky straight to the Yun chen.
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