Beauty In Death

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Chapter 1

Memento Mori, remember death

A man sits alone atop a canyon staring off into the sunset. Admiring the view he takes a drink from his flask. He thinks to himself, what a beautiful way to die. The night sky sprinkled with stars seamlessly converged with the stones of the canyon’s edge as it dripped down into the river beneath. Full of amusement he is startled when he hears a voice yell out “Hey,” the man almost falls but then catches himself, he turns around to find a woman appearing out of the forest. She wears a long dress and has long silvery straight hair. She approaches the man and says “Hello,” puzzled from the surprise appearance from the woods the man says “Hello” back.

“What are you doing so late here by yourself?” The woman asks.

“I don’t know, I guess I just needed to clear my head.”

“You’re awfully close to the edge of that cliff to be clearing your head.” Replies the woman, “Are you going to jump?”

“No, like I said I’m just here to clear my head, I’ve had a long couple of days.” Says the man

“Okay, well have a good night.” Says the woman walking back into the woods confusing the man. He thought for a moment, what if that woman was some deity who appeared to convince him not to jump and to change his mind about life. As the woman begins to fade into the darkness the man calls out.

“Hey wait, you never said why you’re here.”

“You never said why you’re here.” Replies the woman.

“Yes I did, I just told.” The man says with annoyance.

“Why are you really here?” She whispers, now behind the man.

“I...I’m clearing my fucking head okay why don’t you believe me.” The woman turns to face the valley.

“Okay fine I..I’m here to jump.” He admits.

“I know.” She pauses, “I’ve seen many jump. But what’s your reason?” The man takes a moment to think.

“This life I live is filled with ugliness and sadness, there’s tragedy, there’s conflict, there’s heartbreak. It’s endlessly difficult for no reason. I’m living the same day over and over except the only thing that changes is the misery. The traffic, the weather, the Mondays, the passers-by on the street, everything is so devoid of life. If there is life it’s synthetic, it’s like they pretend to be happy about life.”

“Well what life would you not want to jump from?” Asks the woman

“A life with life.” Says the man.


“So who are you and why are you here?” The man asked once more.

“I’m who you hoped I was.”

“What do you mean?” The woman pushes the man softly and he begins to fall backwards off the cliff.

The man awakes in his bedroom. The meaning of life and the nature of reality suddenly becomes clear to him. With his sudden realization he gets into his car. Outside he notices every person is smiling cheek to cheek as if their faces are pinned in such a position. After driving around for a bit he finds what he’s looking for, Glenwood Canyon. Having parked his car he walks out to the canyon until he reaches the edge. At the edge of the canyon he thinks about his life one last time. “What a beautiful way to die”

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