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Sophia Green got into the University of her dreams located in the south of London. In order to get there in time for the enrollment process, she'll need to indirectly flight. Before she headed off, Alivia Sanderson, Sophia's best friend, gave her a letter which can only be read after she lands to London. But now, the flight is delayed due to unexpected circumstances and Sophia's drawn to read the letter even if that means breaking the promise. DISCLAIMER Copyright 2021 © little-miss-venus I do not own any of the songs mentioned in the titles of the story. However, I do own any unrecognizable characters, plot lines and dialogue. I am very protective over my work and I won't hesitate to take legal actions if I see someone plagiarize it. If you see it anywhere else, please message me immediately.

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I - prologue

The bench covered in white leather on which I was sitting was looking straight forward to a huge window. The raindrops were so thick and the clouds so dark that despite the spotlights that were on, the plane was barely visible. The ground flight attendant begged the passengers who were still gathered around the entrance to the plane to wait patiently in the available places, assuring them that the notification for re-boarding would come soon.

For some time now, I've been flipping through a letter with a strong caramel aroma on my hands, wondering what to do. I promised not to open it until I got to the University of London, but now I was no longer sure if the opportunity would exist at all if this weather disaster lasted.

"Excuse me, do you have a piece of paper and a pen?" I asked the woman who was passing by me at that moment. With the look of someone who obviously had a very bad day, without major words, she handed me the accessories and headed for the exit. "You can keep it."


I dropped the paper on a navy blue handbag. Alivia's sentences were still spinning in my head in no order. I needed to get it all out of me in some other way since swinging on a swing to exhaustion while listening to music out loud wasn’t one of the options. Especially since I was doing it with a person who had just declared love to me and wasn’t physically there. The one from which I no longer have to hide my emotions.

I imagined this day for so long and yet I never thought about the unique way to express the love for her back. I spent a lot of time rotating the pen between my fingers until I came with a fine solution.

A few songs I love her for and some memories to wrap it up packed in the virtual album will do the thing. Right now, I just need to make the list and write everything I want down.
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