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Luke finds his anxiety a bit overwhelming when a large storm slams the city of BarksBurg, so he goes to a certain friend’s house to seek comfort

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Thunder and lightning

On the South East coast of a small acorn shaped island, there lies a small town. A town full of happy people. A town where animals live in peace. A town named BarksBurg.

Unfortunately the town wasn’t always happy, as a storm had come slamming BarksBurg with a crap ton of rain, thunder, and wind. Trees toppled over, debris flew around, houses rattled and trains were held at stations.

Luke looked out of his window, the purple squirrel cursing under his breath seeing as the streets were flooded and storm drains were clogged. Hell there was even water up to the front step of his tree! The purple squirrel Got down from the window and went towards his bed. “Might as well try and sleep this one out” Luke said wearily as he pulled the covers over him and shut the windows to his soul, hoping he would be able to escape to dreamland.

The weather had not gotten any better, instead took a turn for the south and got worse. Luke awoke with a jolt as he felt his tree getting hammered by debris. “Woah!” The purple squirrel stumbled onto his feet with the aid of the wall, as he was knocked out of bed. His tree was now leaning like the tower of pisa, causing vases to roll off of tables and shatter, plates sliding out of cupboards, doors swinging open, and paintings falling off walls!

Luke was thrown against a wall as a house from next door slammed into Luke’s humble abode treehouse. “Ahh ouch” luke mumbled to himself. His nose felt weird. And his buck tooth hurt. Something was sliding down his cheek. Something wet. Something slimy. Luke reached up to his cheek and looked at his paw. Never has the color drained from his face so fast. He was bleeding! But there was no time to worry about that, his house was sinking.

Luke scrambled out of the house, picking up his pet urchin and running out of the house just in time before the ground underneath it caved and the tree on top collapsing in on itself. It imploded into the ground, leaving behind a cloud of dust that was a beautiful purple leaved treehouse that once stood tall and proud.

The purple squirrel took no time running down the street and in between two houses, ducking into the dumpster that Sat between. Luke was absolutely dumbstruck with what has happened tonight, a storm was hammering the town, his house had been absolutely obliterated, and now he had to pay hundreds, if not thousands of dogecoins to get it rebuilt! Not to mention everything inside was now ruined!

Poor Luke was now sad. What was he gonna do? He doesn’t have anywhere to live, he doesn’t have money to get his house fixed, he had a hungry urchin that needed to be fed, and he was surely gonna get a cold from being out here in the frigid rain with wet matted fur! Luke looked around him. And then he spotted it! It was Tom’s house!

Luke ran up the steps and to the upper platform of the treehouse, knocking on the door urgently. Nothing. Luke knocked again, only harder this time. Nothing. Luke frantically banged the door. An orange fox with a blue vest, cyan undershirt, dark purple pants, and a blue hat opened the door. It was Tom!

“Luke? What are you doing here? Its 4AM” Tom said tiredly, questioning his late night encounter with Luke. The purple squirrel started spewing out everything that had happened in one jumbled mess of words “woah woah woah, slow down now. What happened” Tom asked slowing Luke’s rapid speaking. “Okay well a storm was hitting my house, my house imploded on itself, i got a nose bleed and one of my buckteeth are gone, i have a hungry urchin, and now i came here to see if i could get away from the stooooooorm” Luke frantically said waving his hands in the air.

“How about you spend the night here. Atleast until your house is fixed” Tom said gesturing to his living room. “Ok” luke said walking in.

This was going to be a long night

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