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My stories are random that I made up. I hope you guys like them

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The Hunted Granny Game

Granny chapter 1 is a really scary horror game that everyone loves to play, especially kids. They usually play it in the daytime but now they are playing it at NIGHT!!!, where it’s scary and dark. There’s something everyone needs to know; WARNING: DO NOT I REPEAT DON’T PLAY GRANNY CHAPTER 1 AT 1-3 AM IN THE MORNING!!!!!!. “What a sunny day.” Said Gofred, “A nice day to download THE HORROR GAME: GRANNY CHAPTER 1.” Gofred enjoys playing horror games, he tells them to his two best friends Caren, And Jacob.” I heard horror games give you nightmares,″ said Caren. ” I heard horror games are alive and you will be hunted,” said Jacob, but Gofred didn’t believe them. “You see, said Gofred, I Download Granny Chapter 1”, “GRANNY CHAPTER 1"!!! Shouted both Caren and Jacob;” that’s the most terrifying game out of all the games″ said Jacob, “yeah, said Caren My sister and I played that game it was alive and it haunts us every night and it will hunt you too Because we played it at 1 am all the way to 3 am.” “Right, the warning says DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT PLAY GRANNY CHAPTER 1 AT 1-3 AM IN THE MORNING!!, The scariest time to play any scary game like GRANNY!” said, Jacob. ″ OH PLEASE !! yelled Gofred, it’s not even scary, it’s not going to hurt you or it’s not alive, it’s not going to happen.” “But wait until you play GRANNY CHAPTER 2”!! said, Caren and Jacob. Godfrey went home and the game was ready to be played, he waited until it was dark and it hit 1 am. “FINALLY!!” screamed Gofred in joy and excitement, he began to play the game. It was 3 am and he needed rest and so he did. The next morning Gofred ate his breakfast and went to school to tell his friend what he did, “Why did you play it from 1-3 am in the morning?″ they both said. “BECAUSE I CAN!! Shout Gofred nothings going to happen.” “Oh yes it will once it’s dark and it hits 1 am it’s time for her to come”, said Caren. Godfrey went home to play games, eat, sleep and repeated it over until it was dark. This time it hit straight to 1 o’clock, Gofred started to play the game; Suddenly he heard noises in his room, someone came and hit him in the head with a bat, once he woke up it was..... GRANNY!!! yelled Gofred, “Oh no my friends were right I Should’ve listened to them, he said. Granny hunts me down every night”, But he noticed the only way to get rid of granny was to SHOOT HER!. Godfrey had to find a Shotgun in the house like in his game, granny was chasing him down and up the stairs, from room to room. Until finally, he found a gun in his parent’s room, so he grabbed his father’s gun and went to look for granny, soon she came and he shot her. The next day he told his friends everything and got rid of her by shooting her with a gun. His friends were happy granny was gone, Since Gofred shot her, everyone can play granny without her coming alive and hunting them down. Granny is now back with her husband. Granny Chapter 2 has granny and grandpa, grandpa is way more dangerous than granny because grandpa has an ax he hit people with. He is deaf and bought a creepy pet, a human/duck, and a spider. So be careful, stay away or it will eat you and don’t be seen.“hello... Oh hey, I was wondering if you come over and see what I got on my phone” Said Gofred. “Ok, Said Caren I will tell Jacob.” When Gofred’s friends came over he told them he got Granny Chapter 2; “OMG!!!! GOFRED!! DO NOT PLAY THAT GAME!!” Shout both Caren and Jacob, “Why not? Asked Gofred, Because said Caren there’s two people Granny and Grandpa.Oh, grandpa is the worse even though he is deaf,” “then how does he hear noise” said Gofred, “he can’t instead he has security cameras where he can see where you are at” Caren and Jacob said. “WOW!! ok” Said Gofred beginning to be terrified like someone was watching him right now.”Yes, I can’t wait to play it, I don’t care what my friends say, none of it is true except for granny chapter 1.” “Ok so now let’s do what we did last time and wait until “, So he waited while eating snacks and watching tv; that’s when he heard his parents come in and put security cameras everywhere in the house. “Why are you guys putting cameras around the house”? Asked Gofred. “Because Said Mr. Jones, the police say there’s a robber on the loose, and we need these cameras so we can catch them.” “Oh ok,” said Godfrey, it was 1 am and time to play the game. Godfrey played the game until 5 am in the morning. At school, he told his friends and they said “Gofred , those cameras are going to be turned on every day and grandpa is going to find you... I love playing this game.” What was said made Gofred terrified once again, “it can’t be the burglar because it’s not on the cameras?” “Hello”, said a voice behind him, as soon as he turned around SMACK!!! It was grandpa who smacks him and cut him with his ax. Godfrey had to shoot both granny and grandpa but it didn’t work, what he needed to do was not to play the game and he needed to delete the game. So he hurried to his room, locked his door, and he grabbed his phone, and deleted the game.The next day he told his friends everything and also told them to tell everyone not to play Granny Chapter 2; that’s only if they have security cameras. Caren and Jacob did what Gofred told them to do and came back and told Gofred that everyone had security cameras because of the burglar that was on the loose. The cops found the robber and everyone took the cameras down, So now no one plays granny chapter 1 and 2 ever in there, they now return to play it in the daytime.

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