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Bethany have always been treated as a piece of tattered clothing, a second hand piece of clothing by the those who were meant to be protect and love her. Tessy, the only person who seemed to love her was snatched away from her almost immediately after she came into her life. Now she has to battle with both depression and addiction. Brendan didn’t really care about his status in the society, his nonchalance drove his father to turn his back in him, now he has to battle with finding himself again. Neither of them (Bethany and Brendan) were willing to find love, they cared less about it. Unfortunately, finding love is inevitable.

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Joey & Six
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“Time of death 11:59pm,”The old doctor gulped loudly as he started to say those words.

“No!” A young girl barged into the ER, she didn't mind that she was covered in blood and dirt. “She’s not dead, try again.”

“I’m sorry there’s nothing we can do, your friend was….”

“No..no you’re a doctor, it’s your job to save people so save her.” Her words were firm just as her hold on the doctor’s arm.
The old man took a deep breath before going to continue. “time of death 11:59pm…”

“Liar Tessy can’t die,” she limped to her friends side. “You’re not dead, you can’t die.”

“Bethany,” a voice, deep, a little raspy called out to her. “She’s gone let the doctors do their job.”
Bethany looked at her brother Caleb with resentment. “Shut up!” She exclaimed. Before she could say another word Caleb and Allan forced her away from away from Tessy's side.

“Tessy Olakiri time of death 11:59pm on June 15, 2017.”

“No please please come back to me.” Tears fell freely from her eyes, “you..you can’t die! There’s still forever.” She struggled furiously to set herself free from her brothers hold.
Since both brothers couldn’t get her to calm down so he too can be treated they requested for her to be sedated.

“two…minutes.” She whispered tiredly as she finally shut her eyes.


“The world believes Bethany died with Tessy.” Caleb informed his mother. He watched as the eyes that we’re once filled with hate was replaced with delight.

“wonderful!” exclaimed. “then she must remain dead.”

“I.. I don’t understand.”

“What’s there to not understand, just go out there and let the public know that she is indeed dead all we have to do is pretend that we are grieving the loss if an unimportant member of the family. Honestly I wish she died for real.”

“That’s a cruel thing to say ma,” Allan could hardly believe that a mother would say something like this especially for her child. “you can’t just declare to the world that that YOUR daughter is dead when she’s aive and breathing.”
Her face twisted in disgust at the mention of the word daughter. “Why should I care? It’s not like she contributes anything to the family.”

Allan opened his mouth to refute his mother but she stopped him from saying anything else. “Save it Allan, mind is made up, now go make sure every single article related to Bethany is taken down from the internet, Caleb contact my sister Kemi and let her know that Bethany would be moving in with her in a week’s time.”

“She’s not even recovered yet and you already want to ship her off to somewhere else, don’t you think she’s too scared to be away from her family, she needs her family she needs us now more than ever.”
To both Caleb and Allan’s surprise she threw her head back and laughed, she actually laughed.

“Bethany is not family, she is nothing.” She said once she sobered up. “Now I’ll go play the grieving mother.” With that she turned and left the hospital room five minutes later the brothers followed.

Bethany opened her eyes slowly, sure that no one else was in the room. Scared. Alone. Hungry. She laughed bitterly, “unimportant huh?”
She took a deep breath and wiped the tears that fell from her eyes. “never again, never again.” And that was a promise.
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