Justice( Short Story By Chinmayee Mohanty

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Justice is truth in action

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tw// rape, murder, gore
ib: true events

Mr Alex was living with his family. He had two lovely daughters. Once his younger daughter had stomach infection and so was admitted in hospital for a week. One day Mr Alex and his wife were in hospital while their elder daughter was at home and she didn't go to school that day. She was fourteen back then.
It was 12 in the afternoon. Suddenly she heard the voice of some people in front of her door. Then she heard the knocking on the doors. She immediately came to the door and asked what happened without opening the door. They said," Your parents have sent us to take some clothes for your younger sister. So give it to us quickly." Hearing this she panicked and hurriedly opened the door. Two people suddenly entered the house, locked the door and threatened her not to shout else they would kill her. She was so afraid that she couldn't utter a single word. They took her to a room and raped her so violently that the poor girl had no sense. As if this wasn't enough they proceeded to kill her, cutting her flesh into fine, small pieces and then put them into a pressure cooker. They left without an ounce of remorse.
When Mr Alex returned home he was highly astonished seeking the door open. He entered the house and was calling for his daughter but there was no one to respond. He searched every room, toilet, bathroom but to no avail. After a while when he heard the whistle of pressure cooker he immediately ran towards the kitchen. In the kitchen he saw bones and the minced face of his daughter. He could not believe his eyes and froze for a while. After coming back to his senses he immediately called the police. When the police opened the pressure cooker what they saw was the poorly cut flesh of a young girl.
Mr Alex and his wife were shocked. After their younger daughter recovered they left their jobs and went to their village. Mrs Alex became paralysed probably due to her trauma and their younger daughter lost her sanity. Mr Alex was feeling distraught while take care of his family. Each day he would eagerly read the newspaper hoping there would be an article which said that the culprits were caught so that his daughter could finally get justice and rest in peace.
One morning while reading newspaper Mr Alex's eyes went on a news of a 3 year old kid who died due to rape. He wondered why God wasn't giving justice? While eating lunch his friend called him and said," At last you have got justice. Those who raped your daughter have been declared guilty, charged for rape and murder and would soon be hanged." After listening to this Mr Alex thanked God for justice and breathed a sigh of relief.
After two days Mr Alex saw on newspaper the two culprits were hanged the day before. Though he had lost his family he was at ease now knowing his daughter got justice and thus he could die peacefully.
But was it really justice rightly served?

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