To Those Who Are Most Righteous

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When a black African American teenager is invited to a church in southern Minnesota the church most Righteous community plots to sacrifice him.

Other / Mystery
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The start of a Cruel Summer

Main cast is introduced to the audience.

Shaun is on the football field with Darien. They are talking about the new recruits for the marines.

Craig and Mandy are siting in a van outside of the field watching them. They are arguing about approaching Shaun. Mandy says it's forbidden.

Thomas and Allison are setting up a building for a Sunday brunch. They are talking about Thomas's mom and brother going shopping as why they couldn't attend. Clark walks in giving directions on seating.

Ethan pulls up at the building. Hannah pulls beside him. They watch as the preacher walks into the building. Hannah makes a joke about the preacher beating him.

The preacher walks into the building along with two others making Sunday plans.

Brady sits at a bar. He orders a water. He looks around and puts his shades on. Bless the Gon. Bless it.

Shaun gets home. Gose to his room. Takes a sticky note off his door. He sets his stuff down in his room. He cleans the room. Starts dinner and dose his chores.

His friend's comes over. They shame him for his attire. He's still in school clothes. They shame him about his cooking methods. Shaun gets angery and threats to kick them out. Ariel says she will just leave.

This scene is important. It's shows that Shaun desperatly needs new friends. Only to get new ones so they can kill him.

This day is repeated. The next day as the days of school court down.

Day 2
He wakes up. Gose for a run. Shower and brushes his teeth. He looks for better clothes. He irons them. He gose to school. He's works out on the field alone. Craig walks up to him. And invites him to church this Sunday.

Same friends comes over. Areil doesn't come.

Days flashes by 4 days.... of hitting the alarm.

Last day of school... Church day
Shaun visits a new church. He's dressed nicer than most. He is told to go to Sunday school. In which he is reminded by dressing. He gose into the room and everyone wonders why he's there...

Mandy and Craig gets into a heated argument. Where Thomas is forced to interfer.

Mandy gets in trouble by the preacher. Mandy gets a new idea. That is not exposed yet. Craig tell Shaun that his mom will be the one to pick him up for a swimming party.

He gers picked up by Jordan. Craig and Thomas is also riding... along with other kids. Craig gets in a argument with Thomas and shaun makes a statement. Thomas says something mean to Shaun.

But the pool party gose great and it make Shaun realize that these people are the type of friends that Shaun wants. With flash backs of his other friends...

*The people at the pool party are not really in the show besides the current scene. They are extras.

The TV's playing about the first day of summer. His mom tells him to do his chores. Shaun gets home to a perfect. room and sits in the floor in a dim room. He gets a sense of humor first and then rage... Destroys the room.

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