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When Sophie was little, her parents always fought. She would sit on the cold floor, her body pressed to the wall, and watch them. They would point, shout, yell, and not speak to each other for days.' Love is fake! It is temporary.' Sophie would always say playfully. Of course, her parents were proof. Years pass and life continues. Sophie then finds herself in the central world of her dilemmas. Would she wrestle to find that long-lost joy...maybe even for them all or sit on the sideline and wait for it to magically materialize itself? Read on so we can find out together because I'm also curious.

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Chapter 1

Perched on a grayish brown chair in the principal's small office, my hands on the armrest and legs crossed. I pull on some strands of my black long hair and cautiously watch every movement of the principal as he walks to and fro while on the phone. With a small frown on his face, he stops his pace, still silent. I could hear squeaks that came from the phone but I could not grasp the words.

The room contained a brown wooden desk with an office chair on both sides. There was a wooden shelve that had glass transparent cover, inside it were variouss trophies of different sizes, shapes, and colors. The greyish brown chair stayed in the middle at the back of the small office which was where I was seated. Posters of rules and quotes were scattered all around the brown walls of the office, It made me feel imprisoned, and opposite me at the other end of the wall was a window that was right behind the principal's chair.

The medium height, bald, chubby principal; who looked like he was in his middle forties finally caught my eye. His hands darted up to his waist as I searched his expressionless face for clues that I didn't find, I then looked away and he resumes his pace. Leaning in with my chin on my knuckles I gaze at nothing in particular and sighed.

After what seemed like a whole class session to me, he finally dropped the phone and turned to face me. He examined me for a second and cleared his throat.

"Your mom called."

Of course, I knew my mom had called.

"You and Lucy would be heading home as soon as possible."

I feel my body tense and I slowly stand up. That wasn't normal, mom would never want us to miss school, was she okay? I look up at the principal's round face and blank eyes. It wasn't even encouraging " why?" I croaked. I cleared my throat and swallowed.

The principal shook his head slowly, unsure of what to say, "I guess you will find out when you get back home." He opened his drawer and took out a piece of paper from a pile.

"Um...okay, I better go find Lucy" I took a few steps backward and turned to leave. Walking down the unusually empty and silent hallway even though I wasn't sure of the class Lucy was having presently, I take an abrupt turn and bump into someone.

"ow!" Lucy looks up. "Oh, you also got called to the principal's office?"

" Yeah. Mom took permission so we could come home now."


I shrugged and turned towards the principal that was now approaching us. He had a smile plastered on his face, which kind of made me feel worse.

Fiddling with a piece of paper he was holding he looks up at us. "Your mom wants you two back home now."

Lucy steps forward. "I know. what's wrong?"

"...She will be waiting for you at home."

Lucy scoffs and walks away, probably to the parking lot.

The principal looks at me. "do you need an escort?"

"No. Thanks." He hands me the permission slip and I leave.

I walk to the parking lot and sight Lucy leaning on the car and texting someone. She donned a white jean shorts, topped with a green camisole that sagged a little on the neckline; revealing a little of her cleavage. She wore Nike sneakers and had a white Jean jacket that she placed on her shoulders, it had rips all around it... Wait, my jacket.

I approached Lucy and we enter the car. " what are you doing with my jacket?"

She looks up from her phone as a smile escape her lips." .....I just saw it lying there and took it, you never wear it's not your style"

I let out a small laugh and start the car."What is that suppose to mean?"

" I mean- well, just look at yourself..."

Yes. I was dressed in a beautiful A-line flowery gown with short sleeves and a neckline that didn't go past my collarbone. Its length was a little above my knee, then with my lovely black flats that had some wrinkles but at least wasn't in two halves and my little black school bag that rested comfortably on my lap.

I let out an audible sigh. "You know you can just apologize, right?"

" yeah...I apologize." Lucy says without looking up from her phone.

Apology not accepted.

She runs her hand through her blond hair that now had visible black roots. "Soph? My friends are already asking me what's up and I don't have a clue o-"

" I don't have a clue either," I interrupt, louder than intended. "maybe she just wants us to come home for...." I shrugged, I wasn't sure of what to say, "uh...dinner or maybe to talk or even go out..." I knew that was a very stupid statement and the way Lucy looked at me, I would do almost anything to rephrase my sentence.

Lucy rolled her eyes. "Right, like you've forgotten the kind of family we are in." And then she resumes with whatever she was doing on her phone.
I hadn't turned off the car yet and Lucy was out already, heading into the house like a girl that had just been informed that her cheating boyfriend was in there with another girl. I made a face and whined up the glass windows, came down, and locked the car. My phone beeps, I quickly take it out of my bag.

Sophie where the heck are you?? I've been in the library for over fifteen minutes.

I bit my lips and texted back.

I'm sorry lia, I'm at home right now.

Walking towards the porch my phone beeps again. I throw my head back in exasperation and look at my phone.

Girl!? Are you serious? FYI we have a geography project to submit tomorrow and we haven't even started.

I hesitate but then quickly text back.

Yeah I know, let's just research on it separately and see what we can put together tomorrow.

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