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For that script

For that script

There was once a man with only a face. Well it’s obvious, everyone has a face, but to Bruno it’s not in this case. He could never react to anything around him. His lips always flat; eyes always the same old stagnant, boring look and those eyebrows constantly straight.

Bruno owned a Jack-Russell as well, its name was Mack and it was the sweetest and cutest dog. Mack would jump and be merry whenever Bruno was around but he would not be interested. The dog would pee all over the place but all Bruno would do was to clean up after him. Mack would gnaw on Bruno’s furniture but he just didn’t care. The most Bruno could do was to squirt water with the bottle at him and gaze at his pet with expressionless eyes.

The man had no friends ever since he was young because he was the freak who couldn’t react to anything. It was the same for Mack; he was abandoned by his mother because he was a runt. Bruno found Mack as a puppy and knew he needed to take care of him because he was just a baby. They have been living together ever since. The lonely emotionless man and an orphaned mutt living together in a boring old house around town.

It was an occasion just like every mundane day when Bruno took Mack for a walk. They were taking the usual path on a baked summer day. The man felt his body boiling under the radiating warmth but he didn’t know how to react to the heat. Every cell and pore in him were screaming from the pinching heat. Everyone started to swear and cuss from the heat wave, men taking off their shirts while the women were fanning themselves.

Anger and anxiety rose among the masses, their emotions adding on to the heat. Bruno looked around unaffected. The man guessed he should mirror everyone around him. The man started to feel “angry” but he couldn’t, he had never experienced anger before. Bruno tried his best at first. He tried to knit his eyebrows; his face took forever to stiffen. His lips were still stuck on a horizon. He was not angry at all, not a bit.Why can’t I be angry?” He said, voice in a monotone.

“Mummy, why is it so hot today?” A girl was asking her mother as they walked past him.

“Just blame the weather; blame the sun because he was too arrogant today.” The woman felt annoyed.

“Blame the weather and the sun.” Bruno mumbled softly.Would it really work?” He stood there with a blank stare.

“I blame.” There was no nothing. His face was still the same. Maybe it had to be realistic.

“I blame the weather.” There was still nothing. His face was still the same, emotionless and stationary.

“I blame the weather and the sun.” His face tweaked a little; his lips edging downward slightly. His face was pink.

“I blame the weather and the sun.” His lips drooping, his cheeks began to stiffen.

“I BLAME the weather and the sun.” His lips dropped fully and they started to open. His cheeks almost hardening while the sides of his eyebrows started to incline. The pink was replaced by a tomato red.

“I BLAME THE WEATHER and the sun!” His mouth opened, bearing teeth. His eyebrows rose steadily from the energy garnered. A latent eruption started to form.

“I BLAME THE WEATHER AND THE SUN for the heat.” The tips of his eyebrows at maximum height. His steeled cheeks rose and his arms found their way upwards. Wrinkles and veins slithered around his temples.

“I BLAME THE WEATHER AND THE SUN FOR THE HEAT!” His cheeks expanded towards his eyes, partially covering them. His arms soon moved above his shoulders, punching the air.

“I BLAME THE BLOODY WEATHER AND THE BLOODY SUN FOR THE BLOODY HEAT!” That was full on rage. His eyes beady; cheeks blocking part of his pupils and his teeth gritting mad. The veins meandered out like cracks on the barren land. Bruno pummelled the skies with force, shaking like a volcano.

This was a strong emotion which he had not felt before. Everyone stopped their cussing and swearing and stared at the man of rage. Bruno realised this and immediately reverted back to his normal looking face. His eyebrows fell; cheeks sagged back into place. Blood drained off from his face with his mouth shut tightly. With no response to the others staring at him, he walked away with his dog. However Bruno felt it, that was his first experience with anger and he liked it.

While walking along the pavements, Bruno saw a man leaning against the wall, his eyes darting around. Bruno did not feel anything; but something was unsettling. The emotionless man stood there like a blank state, he didn’t really know how to react to this situation. Should I be angry? No that would be illogical.Bruno thought about it, keeping a stoic and emotionless face.

But what if. Bruno didn’t feel anything.

He. Bruno felt nothing in him again. Although the same question started to raise a different emotion in him.

Has. There was an impromptu heartbeat.

A. His heart started to pound. His eyelids slowly weathered down by worries.

Gun. His eyes on the other hand started to budge, his pupils expanded.

And. His heart, it was pounding like mad. His mouth opened grimly, showing his lower teeth. An image branded in him, the man suddenly sprang onto the pavement…

He is about to. Bruno could sense nothing now, only hallucinations in front of him. The man was grinning his masochistic smile, sending out his gun right at Bruno.

Shoot. Bruno’s heart squealed. The man shot Bruno, the fearful man covered his eyes and yelled out loud; covering his eyes with both hands. Nerves shook Bruno in waves, travelling from his feet till his head. The leash around Mack’s neck was tightening up as Bruno pulled on the leash too hard. Mack was strangled, gasping for air.

Miracles and coldness engulfed Bruno, offsetting the heat. This queer substance felt soothing and dreamy, soaking him till his bones. His eyes watery, his eyelids drew themselves slightly downwards and his mouth was edged up. He was smiling; smiling from sheer comfort. Bruno opened his eyes and allowed reality to sink in; it was his neighbour Mr Tate.

“Relax Bruno, was just water, ya don’t have to act like a pussy when it comes to water ya know.” Bruno stared at him before he looked at his perturbed neighbour’s right hand. It was an empty bucket.

What happened?” Bruno asked him.

“Just doused ya with water ya silly man. Nobody should be suffering under this summer heat. It’s amazing though, eff never seen ya acting yall dramatic before, Pippen down would ya.” Mr Tate was lightening up again. Bruno thought that it was funny for him to think that Mr Tate was armed with a gun trying to shoot him. With a straight face Bruno spoke.

“Funny though.” Bruno said with a face that didn’t suggest that it was funny.

“What’s funny?” Tate was wide eyed as he looked at the once again emotionless man.

“I thought that.” His cheeks started to tighten by their sides again.

“Yah huh?”

“You, you.” Bruno’s eyes started to squint and shrink.

“Had a gun.” his mouth began to open, revealing a row of upper teeth. His cheeks were now aching with pain.

“And you were trying to shoot me.” his words fumbled around before he let out something new which he had never experienced before, it was a burst of laughter. Though it a brief one, it felt like an eternity for Bruno. He quickly accepted this feeling; it was his favourite one of the three, definitely much better than anger and fear. Mr Tate grinned at what he was seeing. It was like a phenomenon, the lifeless emotionless man was finally smiling.

“Yeah, t’was funny how you look while I tried to throw water onto ya.”

“You think so?” Bruno was still laughing, although his laughter was reduced to a string of guffaws.

“Yeah and tis’ nice to see ya finally smiling. Ya keep smiling and smile forever. The world isn’t a happy place to begin with.” Tate said as the both of them bid a farewell to each other and parted ways. Bruno loosen up his dog’s collar, continuing the walk with his dog. He was feeling bright and happy.

The heat was dying down as Bruno continued his walk with Mack. Bruno was definitely feeling over the moon. Happiness; fear and anger, he had discovered them all. Bruno was so happy he looked down towards Mack and patted him. The dog jumped around gaily, happy that his owner had paid some attention to him. Bruno saw a stick lying on the pavement and it was one of those sturdy sticks for Mack to play with.

The man picked up the stick and waved it in front of Mack. The dog jumped, his tongue ribboning around and tail sweeping about with energy. With a forceful throw he tossed the stick and Mack darted off to retrieve it, biting the stick and darting back. Good boy Mack, good boy”. Bruno grinned. He grabbed the stick and threw it away. Mack ran for the stick again, bit it and obediently took it back to his master. Bruno patted him and took the stick again.

With all his might he threw the stick away once more. The direction where he threw it went off course. It twirled around; and landed onto the road as Mack went to retrieve it. Brakes suddenly squealed with all its might as Bruno’s eyes bugged. Fear barrelled out from his heart and his blood froze painfully.

Mack didn’t see anything while it all happened within a split second. The dog flew and yelped in disbelieve. Bruno quickly covered his eyes. Slowly regaining sight, his eyes gazed around. There was a lifeless body on the road in a pool of blood. Bruno wasn’t lost and confused, he felt nothing. Slowly Bruno walked to his dog before squatting next to him in attempts to wake him up.

“Mack, Mack it’s me, wake up now…” but the dog didn’t wake up. Bruno grinned; he knew the little joker like the back of his hand, he liked to play tricks on him.

“Wake up my boy, wake up…” However the dog didn’t wake up. Bruno was neither angry nor sad. He was still patient with Mack

He kneaded his dog and it still didn’t wake up. Bruno nudged it on the face.

“Mack wake up…just wake up. You’re scaring me…” Bruno’s heart started to fluster. Mack was not listening to him and Bruno was getting scared.

“Mack…” Bruno gave a pathetic attempt for a snicker.

“Mack, please don’t scare the crap out of me.” Bruno’s fear was spiralling in knots

“Wake up Mack, WHY AREN’T YOU WAKING UP?” A mixture of fear and anger confused Bruno. Mack was never like this before.


“GET UP YOU STUPID DOG. GET THE HELL UP! DON’T SCARE THE SHIT OUT OF ME!” An anger of disbelieve rose inside Bruno. He started to nudge the dog, started to slap his silent body. However nothing worked, Mack was still lifeless.

“Why aren’t you waking up? Listen to me you stupid dog!” He grabbed Mack and shook him. The feeling of anger piled up on to him.WHY; WHY; WHY; WHY; WHY?” Bruno yelled out loud before he collapsed next his dog. His face was blank, devoid of any emotion.

Both man and dog rested on the road.

“You’re.” Bruno said without a care in the world

“You’re gone.” Bruno said, his voice shook.

“Forever gone.” Bruno felt his heart and soul trembling; this feeling was still mild although it was slowly escalating.

“You’re dead isn’t it?” His eyebrows started to decline. His lips pressed together. His set his body up, gazing at the dead animal.

“You’re dead aren’t you Mack” his heart was heavy; his lips began to thin and edge out. His eyes melted. He sniffled, stroking Mack’s matted fur.

“My best friend.” Bruno felt lost. He held Mack up and snuggled. A strong feeling broke out, and he wailed under the hailing rain, his tears vanishing among the downpour.

Bruno found other new emotions; it was grief and sadness. He also realised something, he could only be sad for the rest of his life.

End of Chapter 2

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