The Mafia Princess

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(Two months later.....)

Yesterday Jacob brought his friends along with him to punish me and I became prey to all their dicks...

The cruel world right? I know...

After they left, I got kicks and punches to my stomach and stomach ache. I had to throw up the entire night.

The morning wasn’t any better. The usual routine of beatings was issued.

BUT today, he again whipped me.

My back was so sore. The only thing in which I was lucky was my hair. Jacob never tried to cut it.

After taking a bath, I wore my makeup to cover the bruises and hickeys on my neck, a little to my face, and put on a full hand dress that my mother bought me and went to my room.

I took out my necklace and whispered a prayer. “Dear God, please let me see my siblings once before I die. I don’t know how long I can tolerate all this. Please help me.”

After taking some painkillers for my ribs, I went to sleep. I woke up to someone knocking on the door, which was really unusual.

Come on. Let’s be real. Jacob or his friends never knock.

They barge in.

So with a little fear, I went and opened the door and I was shocked to see a police officer standing there. “Hello! are you Violet?” he asked with a kind smile.

Hey, Lovelies... I really apologize for this really short and boring chapter. But please bear with me and continue to show your love and support toward my book.


Jeff ❤❤

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