Jake Rose the Werewolf

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Jake is a teen who transforms into a werewolf. His twin brother shows up to get him to their dad but the plan backfires. Jake starts trying to live a normal life, trying to keep his werewolf identity a secret. He ends up transforming in front of the whole school. He learns about his dad's past, falls in love and gets protective. Can Jake survive everything? Will he be able to live a normal life or does he accept who he is? Find out in this werewolf story.

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On Valentines day there was a family called the Roses. The mother was pregnant with two twin boys. She was going into labor and her husband rushed her to the hospital. A few minutes later the babies were born. The mother named them Jake and Jacobe. Now, Jake is born with unique powers and abilities, but most wasn't shown yet. A few weeks later the mother and father were arguing in the living room. The father didn't like the powers Jake was developing. Jake was different and Jacobe wasn't, he completely ordinary. This continued for 3 more weeks until the mother couldn't stand it anymore. They divorced and the father took Jacobe and never was seen again. For the next 2 years, 2 other children were born. Their names were Riley and Hellen. There was no trouble until Jake was 13.
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