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Our cute Manik and Nandini #Manan Peep in to know WARNING⚠️ This will be a mature book, will contain sexual scenes and a lot of cursing

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A lady is seen standing in a garden, holding a small child’s hand.
Suddenly she feels dizzy and stumbles to stabilize herself.

Child- Lovey, Lovey Kya Hua? (shouting)

Suddenly a man who was talking on the phone comes running and started checking the lady

Man- kya Hua sweetheart? Tumhe bukhar tho nahi hai? (panicking)


And without waiting for her reply again started

Man-haa wahi Hoga, We are going to the doctor right now!!

And pulls the lady and the child into a car and started driving to the hospital very fastly.
They quickly reached the hospital and the man was shouting for the doctor. The doctor rushed hearing the shouts and started shivering when he saw who was shouting.

Doc- King!King! clam down we will check the Queen right away.

Man- I won’t calm down until I confirm she is alright. (angrily)

The medical team quickly checks the lady and now are waiting for the reports. After an hour the reports come and the doc was reading it. Everyone could see the surprise and shock look on his face. The child and the lady were sitting silently and observing, while the man getting too impatient banged the table and shouted,

Man- what is the matter, damnit!!

Doc- Congratulation!Congratulation!Congratulation!

everyone stared at him confused??

Child- For what doctor uncle? who congratulates any person when he/she is sick? (cutely)

Doc- King!Queen! congratulations, you are expecting!! (excitedly)

Child- Expecting what!!?? (innocently)

while the Man and the Lady were in a daze looking at each other with a shocked expression

Lady- But how is this possible? My chance of getting pregnant is so slim!! (exclaims)

Doc- Yes Queen this is a miracle!! you are indeed 2 months pregnant!!

While the child was sitting all confused whereas, the man was smiling from ear to ear but soon his smile turned into a frown hearing the doc

Doc- It is good news but there can be complications, as her health is not well. She will need extra care and protection.

Man-ok doc, I will make sure of it

Then they went outside, the child was feeling soo confused and nobody was replying to her having enough she shouted

Child- lovey, superman what is happening? what are you expecting, why was the doctor congratulating you guys? (angrily)

Man and the lady kneeled down to match the child’s height and said lovingly caressing her cheek

Lady- Bacha there is a new member coming in our family

Child- Where is it? kaha hai, woh? (excitedly)

Man-(while keeping his hand on the lady’s tummy) yaha hai (lovingly)

Child- huh? who waha Kaise aya? kya lovey ne use Kha liya? (innocently)

Lady- Nahi bacha, Maine usse nahi khaya, Ayyapaa ne usse yaha rakha

Child- Yaha kyu Rakha? why not like us?

Man- Kyoki abhi baby ko na protection chaeye tho god ne baby ko aapki Lovey ke tummy me rakha. Jab who strong ho jayega tab who is Duniya mai aayega.

Child- Kya mai usee feel ker sakti hu?(sweetly)

Man and the Lady smiled at the child and the man took the child’s hand and kept it on the lady’s tummy.

As soon as the child’s hand came in contact with the lady’s tummy, tingles raised in the child’s body, and a strong feeling of love, possessiveness ran over her. She gasped

Child- Mine!! yeh mere hai! These will be my baby, my lover!! (possessively)

The man and the lady both gasped, they stood shocked, thinking how is it possible, they were scared by seeing the look on the Child’s face and the madness in the child’s eyes. Then and there they knew that fate is being sealed. The innocence in the child’s eyes was gone, it was as if in one second the innocent child turned into a mature adult. That the Child will do any possible thing to get the baby. They knew how stubborn the Child was, if the Child likes something, it has to be it’s by hook or by crook.

They stood shocked for 15 min, not knowing how to react, then they came back to their senses when they heard the Child’s voice, who was talking to the baby so sweetly and lovingly

Child- Hey baby, Kaise ho aap log, comfortable tho ho na? Plss jaldi see aajao, mujhe aapse bohot sari bate kerni hai, aapko bohot sara pyaar kerna hai. Aaoge na apni jaan ke pass.

The man and the lady were super confused to hear the word “log” from the Child’s mouth as if the child was talking to more than one person. Not able to understand anything the Lady finally asked

Lady- Bachaaap ka “aap log” see kya Matlab hai? yeh, Ek hi hai na? (Confusingly)

Child- Nahi yeh Twins hai, Mere Twins!!! (possessively)

and at this moment three souls were tied with each other for eternity

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