The King Who Left His Kingdom

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A mistake, sin, and despair. That is his identity. He tried to correct the wrong but you can't really correct another mistake. He has already done everything he can think of to make him happy but it seems that something is missing? Is he really lacking or is he just really numb? He accepted everything that he would never have fun in things until a King came to love and nurture him. Is he ready to accept the reality of life or does he choose to remain in the darkness he embraces and loves? GirlThatLovesWriting | 2021

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“Will my life end here?”

I could barely open my eyes as I tried to look at the sky. I smiled and let out two bursts of laughter.

The sky is so beautiful, it looks close but too far away. I carefully stretched out my arm so that I could reach the blue sky that was about to shout the peace that I wanted to experience and feel again.

“My life is coming to an end but I haven’t even experienced true joy”

One, two until a few tears were shed by my eyes. At the same time, I could feel the growing pain of my deep wounds. Wounds cause me to gradually feel like a candle completely losing its wick or light in my life.

I closed my eyes tightly and felt, even more, the cold floor completely covered with my fresh and dried blood.

There is nothing left for me. No one will come back or come to my rescue.

Goodbye to my life I wasted so much.

Gradually the lids of my eyes became heavier as I could see him. Concern was on his gentle face. He wasted no time and quickly approached me and hugged me.

Before I could completely faint I felt him approach and whisper in my ear saying:

“I love you so much, my child”

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