1604 DAYS

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Destiny Mally was kidnapped 1604 days ago. Now she's free. And she has to navigate her new sense of reality again. But it's hard without Sean, the other kid that was kidnapped.

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Vibe Clausen
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: DAY 1599

Every Sunday we would be allowed a half hour with television. Nothing more. And if we didn't use the whole 30 minutes? Well too bad, we would have to wait for the nest Sunday.

Me and "Josh" loved to watch reruns of basically everything. So every Sunday we would find a chanel with something we were in the mood for. Right now we were watching Chicago fire.

Sara came into the living room, "Josh, Amber. Time's up. Come help set the table." Josh turns off the TV and I make my way to the kitchen. As I go past Sara I smile and nod "Of course." And she returns the smile and runs get hand down my head and hair. I supress a shiver. She likes to do that, run her hands down or heads. She's very affectionate, they both are.

We set the table while Sara finishes the salad. Andrew cubes in with a plate with meat on it he just grilled outside.

We never stave or go by hungry. Because they don't want to stave us. We once tried to go on a hunger strike, but then we just ended up getting food via tubes and stuff till we got better because we continued to faint. We have tried so much, but no matter what, they won't let us go.

We all sit at the table and join hands, even though I really don't want to. Sara says grace. "Dear Lord, we thank you for this day and for this meal. Thank you for giving us each other in this family. We ask that you forgive our sins and that you continue to bless us. Amen." "Amen" we all say and then dig in.

Andrew and Sara took us both four years ago within a week of each other. First "Josh", then me five days later.

Josh isn't Josh's real name. His name is actually Sean Harrison, from Seattle. He has a mom that's a nurse and a dad that works as a car mechanic with his brother, Sean's uncle. And he has a twin brother, but they don't look anything alike.

But now he's called Josh Peterson, with a "mom" that work three days a week and a "dad" that works at a company and a twin sister. Me. Destiny Mally. Now Amber Peterson. Who had parents that worked at a restaurant, a big brother and a little something on the way. She never even got to meet her little brother or sister.

We don't know why we were taken. If we were targeted specifically or just picked at random. And we don't know what will happen when we turn eighteen, if they will keep us, free us, or kill us. They don't show any signs of being capable of killing someone - but you never know.

We have tried to break free, run, call the police - but so far none has worked and we've just ended up being "grounded", which means locked in our respective rooms for two weeks. But we haven't given up. Not yet.

We don't have a phone or any other electronic devices. When we do our school work - which Sara provide for us so generously because she homeschools us (obviously) - we do it by hand and if we use a laptop, it's one at a time with either Sara or Andrew supervising us. They claim it's to make sure we research and that only - not watch something online or social media. They don't even acknowledge the fact that they kidnapped us.

All the phonecalls from the house phone are being listened to and recorded. All of their own devices have codes which only they know of course.

The house has a security system which alert their phones and other devices if doors or windows are opened.

There are cameras in every room except the bathroom, but that doesn't have a window that's functional or else I'm sure there would be one there too. And they lock our bedroom doors every night after they've tucked us 'safely into bed's as they phrase it.

On top of all that we have a neckless, a choker. It's not right on us but it does have a GPS in it and can cause a mild electric shock, not enough to kill us or even paralyse us. But it still hurts like a mother trucker hitting us over and over again. I e tried it more than I would have liked to. Even passed out once because they kept hitting the button on the controller. And we can't just cut them off because of something in it, I don't know what, but we have tried.

There is one good thing with our situation though. And that's that I've made an amazing friend and ally.

I come out of my little thinking daze when I notice they're all looking at me expectantly - well Andrew and Sara was. Sean was just looking like he knew what I'd been thinking, and gave me a sympathetic look.

"Oh, I'm sorry what did you say?" I say trying to act like I didn't just think about how to get out of here.

Sara smiles at me with that generously sweet smile of hers, as if I was actually her daughter. "I was just saying that me and your father are gonna be gone Friday night as he has a function with his job and I have been invited to go with him." That instantly perks my interest, but I try not to let it show.

"Oh? Thats sounds interesting. What kind of function is it?" I ask trying to sound generally interested in the subject while I'm thinking over different objects of escaping.

"It's just an ordinary charity event for the company, nothing fancy." Andrew says smiling while grabbing another steak.

✼ ✼ ✼

Later that night, when it's time for bed me and Sean head to my room and get into bed. After Sara and Andrew have said goodnight and they've both kissed out forheads, they turn off the lights, close the door and locks it.

Almost every since we were taken, me and Sean slept in the same room, the same bed. At first it was just so we could plan - which it still kind of is - but now we we basically can't sleep without the other. So it really sucks if we're "grounded" because that means we have to sleep seperretly which means we cants plan and we almost don't sleep. We might sleep a little but even then it's now as good as if we slept together in the same bed.

At first Sara and Andrew were really apprehensive and against the idea, but over time we convinced them.

"We need to take our chance while they're gone." I whisper to Sean.

"I know. But how? We've tried everything." That gives me an idea of what we haven't tried.

"Not everything." And then we come up with a plan.
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