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This is a repost of my old 2020 work just so it exists somewhere and I can delete where it was before. Nothing special here, it was all just on-the-spot practice, so don't expect anything. Since I have Eternal Nights, I don't think I'll continue with Wanderlust. I guess EN can be considered part two of this. --Old description-- A book where I vomit-type succulent garbage and anything swirling in my empty noggin for a short amount of time so that I can claim I actually did something sort-of useful for the day. Some things make a little bit of sense; others are absolute gibberish. Enjoy my brain puke? :3

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Wanderlust I

14.03.2020 - 9:40 – 9:55

Wanderlust I - 773w

There was once a maiden with a heart of gold. Though nobody could see her, she wandered in their dreams and kept them safe from the darkness in their minds. There were some she could not save, and they became hollow husks with masks who wandered the world to no end. Their lives were nothing more than empty puppet lives. The gold-hearted maiden pitied them, but she knew it could not be helped; so falls the cycle of life.

One day, she met another like her, wandering through the dreams of others. However, this one had a heart of shadows. The two quarreled about the lives of others, that the corruption was cruel and should not exist, that the purity was fantasy and not realistic for such a broken world. They argued and argued, and declared each other as enemies. Where one would appear to change the dreams of a person, the other would show up shortly after and shoo them away.

They argued for centuries, until they forgot what they were arguing about. Until nobody was left for them to protect. They remained in the empty world strewn with chaos and blood, glaring at each other with their backs turned. They would never forgive each other for leading the world into ruin, but they knew deep down it was their own faults. They were the monsters who had destroyed humanity and all living things. The trees and plants and flowers had decayed long ago, the oceans and rivers and ponds dried up, the land became encrusted in a black soot-like snow that stunk of rotten pumpkins and flesh. The world was an empty bloodbath, with only the maiden with a heart of gold and the maiden with the heart of shadows.

They wandered the world together, and through their arguments, they soon found peace and comfort though each other’s presence. It grew to love, then a child, blessed with a golden heart shrouded in darkness. Life grew around them, animals and plants reformed, humans began to settle down. Everything was peaceful.

Until the day the maiden with a heart of shadows fell ill. No matter what the maiden with a heart of gold did, she could not save her beloved, who died in her hands with no final words. The child with a heart of shadowed gold only stared, without emotion, without love, without hate, just stared. The maiden with a heart of gold tried to raise it on her own, but it merely stared. It never spoke, it never laughed or cried or made any reaction that it understood her words. The maiden with a heart of gold decided it must have been because of the shadows in her heart, and tried to extract it. She knew it was painful, the blood was clear on her fingers, and she couldn’t help but make it worse when she dug around searching for every last shadow. Yet, she had to fix the child no matter what.

The child without a heart died that day. The maiden with a heart of gold mourned, but knew it was her own fault, and her heart went black. The world descended into madness once again, and she was left alone, drowning under the soot of blood and flesh. Then a hand reached out, and kind words met the maiden’s ears:

“You are not the maiden with the heart of gold, and I am not the maiden with the heart of shadows. We are mere humans, bound to fail and hurt and wrong others. This reality is not our own, and you must wake up.”

And so, the maiden awoke and cried at the sight of her beloved, at the sight of her intact child, at the sight of a world of peace and prosperity and bright green. This was the world she wanted, this was what she had hoped for. And her frozen heart melted away. However, when she reached out to touch the ones she loved, her hands passed through them. Their expressions melted into sadness, despair, and they cried out at her bleeding body as her heart was gouged out and stripped of gold.

The child only stared, from the corner of the room. The child with a heart of nothing, who seeked revenge. And the maiden with a heart of shadows was alone, and could do nothing as the world around her collapsed. Everything fell to ruin, and the child with a heart of nothing vanished, leaving the maiden with a heart of shadow alone to wander the world for all eternity.
And that is the story of the maidens without a heart.

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