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These are some oneshots I copied from my word documents and pasted here, these aren't ment to be good, just wrote em when I was bored.

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~|beginning relates to the dsmp |~

“the- the tnt- where is it?!” Willbur panicked
“Willbur, I’m sorry-“ Valery reached out to the other, not looking to sorry.
“Will stop yelling-“
“SHUT THE FUCK UP.” Will took a few breaths to calm down before Turing to the other. “Who’s name do you think Alex is moaning when he fucks himself on his fingers huh?”
“Mine? The fuck who else’s” valery felt free to be cocky when answering this question.
“Wrong. Mine. Don’t believe me? Listen to this” will pulled out a little video camera (gift from Alex) and played one of this videos he had on it. ‘hah~ w-willbur~’ it played and then he stopped it. “he didn’t even know I was outside his door, oh isn’t he loud~?”
“shut up”
“oh~ is the human mad~?” willbur teased, he knew he was winning against valery when he pulled out his communicator and ripped the charm that held the ring from Alex on it and threw it. “Bet you if I got him right now, he wouldn’t care that your standing right there, he’d be all over me, wanting to ride me, have me pound into him, all instead of you.”
“Wilby~? I heard screaming, is everything ok-“ Alex froze, he was coming down the stairs to come see what was happening. ‘b-baby!”
“Don’t fucking ‘baby’ me”
‘oh- so you know? Huh, funny, I was just about to return your ring to you, oh well” he walked over to willbur, wrapping his arms around the others middle from behind. “Now, I suggest you scram, I have copper on myside, he always despised you, so I could tell him you hurt me and you’d be dead and you don’t want that do you?” Alex tilted his head, ever so innocently.
Valery went to leave, glaring at willbur who smirked in response before fully leaving.

~|The End |~
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