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Add a little bit of spice

“what do we have here,copper?”
“I’d say a little lost wolf, scared without his mommy”
Willbur and copper teased the younger wolf hybrid, circling him.
“L-leave me alone! I-I didn’t do anything!” the little wolf tried defending himself, also trying not to drop the small chunk of meat he found in a dumpster.
“Awwwww look at him go! He’s adorable!”
The younger blushed stepping back a little,by now his ears were down and his tail was pressed in-between his legs. The bright green hoodie he wore hid his body, it was pretty dirty as well, this went with his pants, small holes littered them, they were a nice shade of blue jeans.
“copper! I wanna keep him! Can we???”
“Sure will”
The younger was all to dazed to even process the conversation, ‘two people, wolves (hybrids) weren’t trying to hurt me? One of them even called my cute- he , and jumped softly when he felt something *someone* touch him.
“Don’t be zoning out on us cutie, how old are you and what’s your name?”
“H-huh? I’m alex- and im- 13”

“well aren’t you timid, wilby over here is the same age as you and is a cocky bastard”
“oh shut up copper”
Copper covered his mouth with his hand whispering to Alex “see what I mean?”
“I can here you”
“He can’t here me because I’m cover my mouth with my hand”
He earned a little giggle from the other, who was now smiling, his ears had come up.
“awwww look at him” willbur already adored the pup and he barely even met him.

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