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Copper and willbur

Willbur slipped a heavy jacket on over his trenchcoat, and some gloves. Saying it was cold outside was an understatement, it was fucking freezing, I mean it was in the middle of snowing but still, fucking freezing. Despite the cold air, Will headed off into the snowy tundra,where he was heading to, well he Didn’t know where he was going, but he was going somewhere. And that’s how he ended up at the prison, gone to see the general? Nope, come to see a prisoner? There were none, yet there he was.
“Need something, Will?”
“Then what are you here f- Oh, Will c’mere” The latter collapsed in the taller's arms.
“Hey, bubs, what’s the matter?” copper rubbed the others back, trying to calm him down. He Didn’t end up getting a response, not that he minded, he just stood there, hugging the other trying to calm him down. He had them sit down, willbur in his lap, this made it easier to play with his hair, and it made it more comfy for w
willbur. Soon after the crying had stopped and was replaced with soft breathing. ‘he’s asleep?’ “willby?” lack of response gave him his answer. He took the younger to the room he had at the prison when he stayed overnight to watch someone That someone being willbur lover, let’s just say he had committed a lot of war crimes and a bunch of arson. Copper set willbur on the bed covering him up, then pulling out his communicator and told Alex to come get his lover.

-|the end|-

Notes: this chapter came out short because I ran out of ideas for it and I Didint want to get rid of it :)
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