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Mansion? Yes

“COPPER!! SAVE MEEEEE” the younger slid behind his Dad using him as a shield.
“Woah- whats going on?” Copper was able to pick up his son by his shirt and held him in his arms.
“Willbur brought back a stray and the stray is scary!!” He clutched on the other shirt when he saw willbur and the stray.
“He’s gotta a name ya know?” Willbur stopped walking a few feet always from them, and human in front of him. “And he’s nota stray, he’s human”
“hey- HEY- YOU CANT USE YOUR DAD TO SAVE YOU, HES NOT EVEN YOUR DAD!” Now Will and Alex were going back and forth and stupid things, they weren’t heated arguments just playful,but if you were to walk over where they are, it would sound bad. After a while of the playful arguing Alex had fallen asleep, more of passed out, in coppers arms who Didn’t mind, his son was light asf.
“willbur, go take the human back where he came from”
“But I don’t wanna” Will whined shaking his head.
“Fine you can keep him but he’s your responsibility” copper sighed, adjusting his sleeping son.
“YEAH!!!” willbur happily picked up the human, valery, was his name.
“shut up” copper whisper yelled, once again adjusting his son.
“Sorry sorry, alright. C’mon human! We gotta get you clothes, feed you, give you some water and give you a place to sleep. Is a couch okay?” willbur tilted his head to the younger in a questioning manor, valery nodded. “verbal..?” he asked in a sorts of question. “Yes, a couch is fine” willbur nodded heading off to his house. Once he made it to his house which was exactly an hour walk and two portals from coppers home. Will set valery down on the couch and went off the fetch blankets and pillows which gave valery time to marvel at. It was quite larger, four rooms plus the master bed room, three bathrooms, a library, outdoor pool. His kitchen was big, bigger than big but smaller than huge. Looking up there was an upstairs, and too the ceiling was a Crystal Chandler it glowed nice with the warm light from the fire place. “look nice? It’s pretty big, I can give you a tour tomorrow if you want?” willbur voice started valery. “ar-are you rich, and yes please” valery had gotten up almost slipping on the marble floor, his socks made him slide. “daddy’s money, soon as he dies it’s all mine plus the 40,000 from my mother. willbur shrugged. Anyways here’s the blankets a few pillows and a town and some clothes for your shower, weather you decide to take it today or tomorrow” will handed him his stuff. “bathroom is….” Valery trialed off the last bit. “down the hall to the left, second door, it’s marked with a few gold lines” Valery nodded. “ill be in my room, it’s upstairs to the right, with a sign that says my name” once more valery nodded. Willbur walked off ascending the spiral staircase and disappearing in the hallway. Valery decided he’d shower tomorrow and set his clothes on the side table, he put down a pillow where his head would be and covered up falling soundly asleep.


Notes: I like this version better ngl

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