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My Vampire Roommate (GXG)

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Is the underlying desperate tone speaking truth?

Rowän Kadence
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"Why the fuck did you put a fucking fake blood in the fridge?!" Thana whined in disgust, washing her mouth thoroughly on the running water.

I sighed, "Because that was for my Halloween costume! Greedy dimwit."

She helps herself with her tomato juice, before she sat on the mini island in our little shared room.

"Why did you chugged on it, anyway?" I asked, crossing my arms.

"Because I thought it was a fucking b—" her eyes widened upon her words, she suddenly seemed taken aback. "Tomato, I thought it was a bitchy red tomato."

I ignored her explanation, before getting the chocolate bar that Kyle gave to me earlier. I know I must have it because he is my boyfriend, but my roommate could have been poisoned by my shittery.

The bottle itself lacks a label, no wonder why she carelessly chugged the beverage a.k.a. my fake blood.

I show her my open palm, as she furrows her eyebrows.

"Give me your hand, doofus."

She pursed her lips together, letting the back of her left hand met the palm of mine. I gave it a gentle squeeze, before placing the rectangle chocolate bar on top of it.

"What? Another incentive for another essay?" she jokingly said, as I shook my head. She furrowed her eyebrows again, the way that they look weird but still beautiful.

"You could have choked on the fake blood, it contained different chemicals that I stole from the lab, I am so sorry."

She chuckled lightly, giving me a gentle tap on my shoulder.

"Don't be too sad about it babygirl," she licked her lips, before clicking her tongue to the roof of her mouth, "I'm hanging out with Cali today, I'll see you later?"

I pouted, like what I have been doing my entire life. Sometimes I wonder if I was a stuffed toy before who was given the chance to live— and pout all I want.

"Take care, call me if something comes up." I say politely, giving her an awkward hug in the most awkward way possible that her arms were trapped in mine and she could not reciprocate.

One thing I love about being human, is having the ability to live, exist, and to express.

People's eyes are the windows to their soul, but I have always wondered why I never saw her eyes shine the way that mine does, or others, for that matter.

I let her go, as she stood right in front of me looking like a giant, as she crushed me in a hug.

"Dino-wrestle!" she joked, carrying me to my bed and practically throwing me.

My head hit the headboard, as soon as her jaw dropped and quickly checked me up.

"Bloody hell, are you bleeding?" she asks, in the calmest way possible, as I feign hurt.

"Ow, ow, I might need some stitches!" I faked some facial reaction, before holding the top of my head as if it was aching that bad.

"Oh my God! I'm going to call Charley!" she says, before grabbing my phone as she scrolled through my contacts, pressing a certain ID.

"W-why Charley?" I feign weak.

"Because she said earlier in the class that she knows everything." Thana chuckled.

Her eyebrows furrowed even more, giving me an odd look.

"Who is booboo bear?" I chortled.

"Ahh, I see, that was a fucking prank!" she say, feeling defeated by my acting skills that I have been improving ever since I was 3.

I gave her a beaming smile, as soon as she sat next to me.

Then soon, she held both my arms, locking me under herself, before looking me dead in the eyes.

"Do not ever play such games with me." her face was only an inch away from mine, and her red eyes, they shined.

For the first time, her usually cold and cruel red eyes, they looked like hope, love and a company. They looked a bit different.

I wonder if she even has any idea that everyone finds her pointed ears fascinating, because they are rare. And people only loved things when they are a bit authentic.

Her pale skin turned into a light shade of red, before she let me go and hurried to get her shoulder bag and shut the door closed.

"Thana Selene, what are you?" I say, after locking the door and cancelling my date with my long-time boyfriend. I looked over her bed, and I jumped on it.

I lay there, looking at the old ceiling which paint was only brushed against the old wood ages ago, they looked like an exfoliation.

A poster of Poltergeist the movie was across her bed, how could she sleep easily on the nights seeing such thing.

I noticed her pillow, they always looked neat no matter how she lay in her bed the whole night, and her hair always smelled like sweet cherries. I can tell because I sniffed on her pillow.

Noticing her own vanity, I sat on the chair before analyzing her hairbrushes and all her accessories and belongings. Her pink hairbrush still have a bunch if her jet black hair, where is the sanity of this woman.

I grabbed the diamond-like knob of her first drawer, before shutting my eyes closed, what in the world am I doing?

"Do not ever go through my stuff or I'm going to kill you." I smiled, remembering how she looked like a wild lion who just came out of the zoo.

If every time we looked into each other's eyes and I feel annihilated, is that not death yet? Could she kill me any more?

Letting go of the knob and reminiscing how we argued when we were freshly-roommates, I grinned like an idiot, and looked at my own reflection.

My foot tripped and I fell down on my butt, after my phone made a loud sound all across our room.

"Oh uhh sorry, I already made plans for tonight, you could have told me a week earlier. The girls and I are going to a party." I explained myself, hearing him sigh from the other line.

"Cool, have a good night baby."

"Okay, I love y—" before I could even finish my words, the call ended.

Of all the thousands problems that I have, how dare me get myself a boyfriend?

Of course, I would love to slap my thirteen-year old self who had a fling with my current boyfriend— we are in our two years, and it's impossible to think that he would still be the same person that he was when I was 14 and he was 15.

Young, right? I was a whore.

No, kidding. It is not my fault that curiosity had fallen over me, leading me to have a boyfriend who never—

I do not want to rant anything at the moment, I have to get going. Thana never asked me but I am sure as hell that she will go looking for me at the crowd, she is that creep but not really creepy, get it?

Oh forgive my closeted ass, let me get something and go to that party.

"Audrey, dear, you cannot just cancel it on the last minute!" my best friend, Ari, says dramatically.

I glared at her, as she returned a sharp look.

"For fucking sake, Ari, my fake blood is gone and I cannot be the same killer from Texas. Any idea?"

She pursed her lips together, looking around the room, as she averted her gaze on a certain poster that belongs to my roommie.

"No, I've been a clown in my whole life." I spoke truthfully.

"Why don't you dress up as a closet since you've always been inside one, huh?" she laughed hard, before I opened the door.

"Are you going to help me or you are here to prove to me that going out with you tonight won't be worth it?"

"Burnin' bitch!" Briar joined the scene, welcoming herself into the room.

She wore a long silky black cape, her hair is in a high ponytail, the fabric covers her skin-tight black bodysuit.

Is she trying to be a villain woman or she just lack ideas and this is how it turned out?

"Ew, I told you to use the fake teeth in my drawer, not that toy you had from your childhood." Ari says, referring to the plastic fake teeth that was bought from Walmart nth years ago.

"At least I look just neat."

"Just neat, fuck off." I retorted, before giving her a smirk.

"Audrey dear, why aren't you dressed yet?" she feign concern in a sarcastic way, running her hand through my brown hair.

Ari went to my closet, opening it and just analyzing all the outfits I have.

"I'm not wearing a fucking onesie, Ari." I reminded her. "It's illegal."

The black-haired gal then soon joins her, picking the werewolf suit that I wore last year for a play.

"No, no." I defended myself, earning two powerful smirks from the opposing energy.

"What do people say when a full moon occurs?" Briar asked, hinting she's about to crack a joke.


"The werewolf is coming out!" she laughed on her own joke attempt, soon joined by Ari, her very supportive girlfriend.

I just can't with these gays.

"Hold up baby, that is actually a good idea." Ari remembered I am a closeted gal after all.

"You can come out this Halloween, I mean, it's a bit late for National Coming Out Day but any day is good." she hinted, playfully wiggling her eyebrows.

"Yeah," Briar spoke, "but if you do not want to, it's fine. It's your journey after all, and we are just your supportive fellas."

They gave me a warm smile, wrapping me in a warm hug. I let them cover me, feeling so attached and protected by them.

The door creaked open, revealing a red-eyed lady with two paper bags in her hands, probably the stuff she bought for the party.

"Am I interrupting something?" her raspy voice sent chills to my spine, making me let out an intense exhale.

"No, no." Ari answered, "We'll just get the curler and make up set, be back later?"

I gave her a nod, before they pecked on my cheeks and shut the door closed.

Thana settled the items on her bed, before furrowing her eyebrows at me.


"Don't you have any plans for the party?" she asked with a hint of concern.

"Really?" I replied, "What are you, Thana?"

"I'm the cute little devil my father always has." she confidently answered.

Like I always have been doing, aside from pouting, I pouted.

"Any plans tonight?" I asked, and before she even looked into my eyes, the door flew open, as two tall men entered, before she protectively wrapped her arms around me, as I watched her mutter things I could not even decipher, before everything turned into ashes and the light coming from the outside faded away.

The whole room was in blustery, and I do not know if I should be mad that our analysis papers are all tore down or that the room was starting to be a mess.

The leaves that have just fell on the autumn soon entered the room, before Thana stood, making the palm of her right hand face it as if it was to control, before she cursed a spell, and in a blink of an eye— everything went back to normal.

"T-thana, what happened?!" I panicked, as soon as she held her chest, and a wooden stake that must have struck her heart vanished, as soon as she started bleeding.

She looked at me.

She was fainting, before she forced a smile.

Her eyes were black and her skin was not as pale as it always have been.

"It's all over, Audrey."
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