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My compendium of edited(retold) Earthly illusions and misinterpreted beliefs. The written and translated texts of history's permeable ideologies have been irrevocably prodding at the inner walls of my subconscious mind. In an attempt to subdue the unsatisfied voices that have plagued my thoughts for the last few years I am beginning this congestion of unedited-unfiltered thoughts. Currently the sound of ear splitting inaudible whispers from somewhere outside my point of view has been adamant about finishing this...this.... Whatever this is! - I am just a regular human of the modern world. I have not taken any hardcore hallucinogenics (shrooms once), nor have I explored taking spiritual awakening drugs, or practiced habitual meditations. My journey has been as it always has; a slow ride down the side of the Himalayan Mountains wearing an astronaut suit. And now, at a ripe 25 yrs of age I have officially come to a moment of my existence where I can share the information and knowledge I have been soaking in. With nothing more than an inexplicable articulation of the voice in my head, that I call my "Dark Passenger", and my inhuman ability to interpret everything while involuntarily adhering to my subconscious intuition. Many things will be referenced into in this ongoing compilation of various theoretical insights and in-depth resumption into our world and it's past.

A.M. Telos
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Spelling Out The Spoon Feeding: Say "Ahhh"

>>Relentless hounding of Silent<< Conversations Spoken between Myself and the Dark Passenger from nowhere.
>>2016 - Present<<

I'll begin by saying this _ the document in front of you is a record of rationally justified notions and theories I have been interpreting/deciphering from the totality of Human intelligence and knowledge. Through obsessive investigations into historical texts, cross dissecting religious/cultural beliefs as well as unraveling the past of our ancestral lineage and where we (as a sentient species) come from.
Some of the most ancient sites in the world hold the observable proof of our past, but not the reality of it. The lost, uncovered texts and records that have been left behind for us to decipher our past relinquish mortal depictions from eras long forgotten. Piecing together the centuries of mistranslated iterations, ruminating through myths and of legendary tales that, for some, have become fact and history.
My focus is to demolish the oversimplification of society's bemusing theologies.
Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and even Paganistic belief systems (some modern and most ancient) are synthetic manifestations of spiritual broadening; (In lamence terms) Religious Organizations and such, are disembodied rip offs of a much larger story. Biblical history and other historical depictions, which many belief systems base their ritualistic practices on, usually are derived from much older followers of faith. Ordained as 'Mythically' comprised works of ancient events from the past at some uncompromising moment in time, spawn similar cataclysmic tales seeded by the most ancient society known to man. The Mesopotamia is known to be the first asimilated society that inevitably established the religious anecdote for further factions to expand on. And of course, it is also where most of today's controversial theories in history come from.
Frankly, I'm not one to unreasonably draw a conclusion out of thin air because 'I think' it's right answer. My interpretation skills (an ability to resonate and connect relevant information to correlating ideas or beliefs) have served as my guide in deciphering the messages our Ancestors left behind. Through methods of rational thinking, transcendent conclusions ,and insightful reasoning - I have developed a desire to possibly bridge our separate pasts in order to tell the whole story like it should be understood.
Let's just hope when GOD decided to wash the tongues of Mankind by distributing the different languages, that the idea was to transcend the need for speech.

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