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GOD: "Who?"

The unfathomable complexities of the creations that are, of and is the Universe itself, is an artist's love coming to life (literally). But, every artist, or person who brings their imaginations into physical depictions will always carry love for something they will always have their issues with - no matter how flawless to the outside. Same could definitely be said about how God may feel about everything he's created. Or maybe He loves it all, and nothing He's done disappoints Him. Ponder on more than just the mysteries of the universe - actually the answer to a lot of this can be unlocked by understanding the One responsible for it.
Questions about our Human existence are never left without commenters.
So how about the question, "Who is GOD as a person?"
It is perplexing and a broad inquiry to suggest briefly to identify God as being a subject of psychological analysis. An unbiased desire to understand the Truths of us is and should be seen or revered to the nature of God; what oneself does to others, including himself, in pursuance of a deciphering personality.
Six primordial forces one is matter, one is life, one is death, One is space, one is light, one is darkness.
Six forces needed to create one functioning terraformed planet.
Geophysics depends on the six primordial forces and it's efficiency to maintain the electromagnetic wave and shielding around the Earth.
The 99th out of The 100.
The youngest new species made later on separated from each other at its roots and groups of 12 each destined to control understand and partake in the 12 levels of spiritual life enlightenment.
The number one to know, number two to understand, number three to see, number four to believe, number five to do, number 6 to master, number 7 to feel, number 8 to practice, number 9 find balance, number 10 find wisdom, number 11 love, number 12 mortality
12 different species or races. Human DNA is made up 24 chromosomes, 12 pairs in total.
4 elements are necessary for the creation of life. Water. Air. Fire. Earth.
Then there are four forces of law in the universe number one life number two is chaos number three is order number 4 is death
There also is 4 pillars of power. Time, Knowledge, Empathy, and Will power.
Pyramids created as a quadrilateral with one face on four of the sides and one peak. But very well have been model to encompass the fourth dimensional format of what is the 3D or third dimensional manifestation of the six primordial forces.

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