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The Dream

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A fictional story about a girl accepting Jesus into her heart (I’M NOT SAYING THAT THE BIBLE IS A FICTIONAL BOOK!)

Gianna Patsy
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Chapter 1

There once was a young woman who was obsessed with worldly things. At a young age, she walked away from the church she grew up in, because she thought that the stories from the Bible were all fictional and never really happened. She was obsessed with drinking, partying, and doing drugs until a stranger changed her life for the better.

After a night of drinking, she walked up the porch steps to her cabin in a daze. It was a modest looking, log cabin that she had built herself. She looked around the room and felt a cold chill run up her spine.

“I’ll light a fire,” she said. With a lighted match, she walked towards the fireplace and lit it. The young woman walked up the steps, down the hall, and into her little bed. The alcohol didn’t matter to her anymore. It could not satisfy the constant feeling of emptiness she felt in her heart for up to twenty years.

The woman woke up to the sound of someone knocking at her front door. How strange, she thought, for someone to still be out this late at night. Assuming it was one of her friends, she walked down the stairs and looked through the peephole. There was no one on the other side.

She turned and began to walk upstairs when the knocking came again. When she looked through the peephole this time, however, she saw a young man looking back at her.

“Hello Anna,” he said politely. “May I please come in?”

How could this man have known her name? She didn’t know who this man was. Anna quickly assumed that he was some guy who was stalking her.

“No!” Anna shouted wanringly. “I don’t know you! Go away, or I’m gonna have to call the police!”

“Please,” the man said pleadingly. “I love you. Do not send me away. Come back to me, and you will be forgiven. You will experience great joy,”

“Go!” she shouted.

Anna turned back to the steps and began to walk up them again. She smiled at the sound of footsteps going further and further away. Exhausted, Anna jumped back in bed, and after about an hour or so of counting sheep, could not fall asleep. She was feeling something that she hadn’t felt in a very long time. It was the feeling of agony.

The knocking came again.

“Not again,” Anna said through clenched teeth.

She slowly got out of bed, down the stairs, and looked through the peephole. It was not the same man from before. It was rather a very handsome, well-dressed, man. When he saw her, he grinned and said, “Let me in, sweetie,”. As though an invisible hand was pulling her, Anna opened the door. The man briskly stepped inside.

He took in a whiff. “Ah,” said he, “what a nice fire!” He sat down in the big, leathery chair next to it.

“Who are you?” Anna asked.

The man did not answer her. He continued to stare into the fireplace.

“Who are you?” Anna asked again.

This time, the man turned and said, “I am he,”

“Who is ‘he’?”

“You know me well,”

“I do not,”

“Yes, you do,” the man said. He got up and took a steps towards her.

Anna looked into his cold, icy eyes. She took notice of his shadow creeping along the wall. It looked strangely familiar. Could he be the Devil? she thought.
The man took a few more steps toward her and grabbed her by the shoulders. He took a breath, and Anna instantly felt empty like a shell. All the worldly desires filled her once more.

She was terrified, but she could not look away. All she could do was back up against the wall. The man advanced towards her and took a deep breath. Anna could feel her soul leaving her. Suddenly, the young man from before burst through the door!

“Not her!” He said. “God told you not take her!”

With that, He, the Son of God, pointed a finger at the Devil, and he was gone in a cloud of blue smoke. Anna could not believe her eyes. Anxiously, she ran to Jesus and hugged him.

“Thank you so much!” she said.

“You are welcome, my child,” Jesus replied happily.

Anna was so happy! She thought that Jesus was just a figment of imagination, but here He was, standing in her cabin. Realizing that He is real, she got on her knees and prayed for forgiveness. Jesus wiped away her tears and said, “You are forgiven. Tell anyone who will listen that I am real,”. Anna closed her eyes.

When she woke up, that feeling of emptiness was gone. It was a distant memory. She knew that her sins were forgiven. As a result, Anna picked up her Bible, walked out of her house, and started preaching the gospel at her church. Her family could not believe it, and started praising God for His good works!

The first verse she turned to in her Bible was 2 Corinthians 5:17 (English Standard Version), which says, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.”

Note: Hi guys! I know this is a little different compared to what you are probably used to, but I came up with this story a while ago, because there are a lot of people who need to turn to Jesus. Sorry again for being late!

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