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The Silent Killer

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The Silent Killer

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The Silent Killer

I heard sirens squealing and tires screaming, I saw bright lights

I heard dad shouting and chronic sound of the raspy cough of mum.

I was standing in my room incapable to move,

There was an overwhelming sensation of tightness in my chest, my heart beating like a drum,

Tears running down from my sunken eyes and hands shaking unable to control,

And all I could think of was the worst.

The hospital had a feeling of sadness and death

But I wanted to see mum,

As I walked into the room I saw her, she didn’t look like mum at all.

Eyes brown and bones clearly evident

Eyes stained red from her salty tears and tubes running from everywhere possible.

The doctor walked in with a look on his face that I couldn’t describe,

But it wasn’t a pleasant face, wasn’t trustworthy.

He delivered the dreadful news and with that I was unable to speak, unable to move and unable to hear the intolerance from dad or the frantic cries from mum,

My head was spinning but no one could hear the frantic cries from inside.

Days, days later standing there in the room

She had grown weak and she couldn’t move,

The only thing showing us signs of life was a Holter,

Rapidly the line decreased,

And suddenly a pause, flat line and my eyes teared up

another victim of the silent killer.Start writing here…

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