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Sage is a nymph. She lives in the mystic woods. Her mother is dead. Her father is abusive. She attempts suicide but in her life…..nothing goes right.

Other / Fantasy
Jane Doe
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The air smelled of salt. The wind was blowing hard. Was she ready to give up everything? She leaned over the cliff. Her beautiful flowing brown hair flowing covering her honey brown eyes as she prepared to jump. She had black eyebrows and long black eyelashes to match. Her light pink, mahogany lips were the perfect shade on top of her light brown tanned skin. She had a fresh cut on her arm. It was breaking out into hives. She was allergic to thing that had cut her. She was aware of the pain. It was part of the reason she had decided to jump. The particles left from the thing that had scratched her, the thing, her father, Basil, was slowly killing her. The pain and the suffering she had endured under his ‘care’, the pain which had been left behind when her mother died, the knowledge that the nymph that had saved her the first time had not saved her mom, all of these things had been slowly killing her, rotting her life source. She had determined that she was not going to die the way her mother had. She came back to the present and stared down at the beautiful crystal blue water beneath her. The water she was hoping would kill her on impact. She leaned forward again and fell into the air waiting for the water to end her life at the bottom of the cliff.

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