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Chapter 1

Sage woke up. She groaned as she remembered that it was a school day. Why did nymphs have to go to school. She slide out of her clump of sage and sprung up to the size of an eighteen year old girl. She saw her father’s clump of Basil and winced. His roots were getting to close to hers. The one thing the teachers always taught, some plants can not grow next others. Basil and Sage? They kill each other. Or on the other hand the Basil tends to kill the Sage. That’s how her mother died. That’s how she was going to die. The pain was always in her head. A nymph is always connected to his or her lifesource. She could feel his roots slowly eating away her life. Her mother had married Basil when they were young and in love. He turned out abusive. He ripped away at her roots and devoured them. Sage’s mother quickly divorced her father but once a nymph gets married, they get one choice to move and then they can never replant again. The sad part is that a death caused by another plant is a slow painful one. Her mother slowly wasted away in front of her eyes. She lived fourteen years watching her mother slowly fading in color, and always in pain. That was four years ago. Now, Sage was slowly experiencing this herself. She couldn’t move away till she was married. Some mysterious nymph made her feel worse about her mother’s death. This was a nymph who was somehow pouring some sort of lotion into the soil her plant sat in healing the ends of her plant’s roots keeping her from feeling the full course of the pain. It was also keeping her from dying. This nymph was helping her stay alive but yet purposely kept this lotion from her dying mother for whom their had been no relief, no cure. She had stood by while her mother lay sick and in bed screaming for help, while knowing full well none would come.

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