The Problems of Modern Society Vol.1

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In this book, I would completely talk about the major and minor problems of modern society, in my point of view. This volume would talk about things about life, like literature, education, and others. I hope you would like it!

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Chapter 1, 1.1

Part 1: Fairy tales, Stories, and Literature

Section 1.1 Fairy tales

We all go through the trials of life, where we play, be happy, cry, laugh, go to school, and read. Some may not read even, but I'm sure at least 90% here had read the fairy tales, "Cinderella", "Red Riding Hood", or even "Hansel and Gretel". These books provide beautiful stories and imagination to our childhood, being as the centerpiece of our astonishing imagination, and giving us fresh views on other things, like "princess", "kingdom", and our childhood must have experienced themselves as the story's main characters, like the prince, the princess, or the queen and king. Ah, so wonderful right? But no. These won't happen to us, these thoughts would only happen once in a blue moon in our whole life, and we won't be princesses, princes, kings or queens. And so the main story here that I want to say is that we won't be able to be these people at all, no matter how much we do to achieve on being as happy as Cinderella. And so in this book, you may see some foul words, some paragraphs raging about fairy tales, and all that. If you don't want to read any of this, go back on reading those stories that you read. Now, let's start.

I suppose everyone here knows that fairy tales are unreal and would never happen right? If so, then why do fairy tales even exist? Are these stories even good for children? My point is, these stories have no meaning to children. Our children, the next generation of society, shouldn't even listen or read these stories. These stories, mostly from the 18th to 20th century, are not even near to the modern world. Like Cinderella, a fairy tale by the Grimm brothers, was published in 1812. 1812, where the world was mostly conservative except for Europe,where the king still ruled, princesses exist, and democratic elections was little in the world.

Of course, these stories would come out because it really looks like the world in 1812, where everything is conservative and kings still ruled the world. But now? It's 2021. Most countries are republics or federations, and even the countries with kings and queens don't even rule anymore. So why keep these stories? They are old, unreal, and simply too imaginative. Yes, the Grimm brothers are great writers of fairy tales, but do you think that these stories should continue to develop in the next 200 years?

From 1812, its now around 209 years. Things have changed, life became more and more busy, we are enslaved by the working hours of society, where our bosses call us and tell us to do more work. But no, don't think that I am those that hate long working hours and would protest or be in a furious rage about long working hours. No no, I'm fine with being enslaved by capitalistic bosses. The problem is that these fairy tales don't even match with modern society. Of course, some may say that children should not be aware of the toughness of society, and that we should let them have happy times and enjoy childhood. This is one of the biggest lies I have ever heard in my ongoing childhood. Childhood is great overall, but it's just one of the happy days your life would go through. Also, these fairy tales may even cause serious problems, like the known "princess syndrome", which is basically kids acting as princesses and even being a princess, at the house or even outside.

These children are "fools", not like they are stupid, but more like "addicted to fairy tales and actually believing that they are the characters of the story". So I always relate fairy tales as the equivalent of children drugs, that is actually harmful to children if taken too much or too long. Fairy tales are simply not a match to modern society, and I personally think that children should take in books that help society, that are useful for their lives, like non-fiction books or books that help their mindset, and not repetitive stories of cliche-driven good endings and happy endings. Those stories are simply too good to be true.

Like in most cases, where the evil characters always loses and the good character, clever, beautiful, and full of thoughts, wins, and marries the prince right? Well, in society, everyone knows that this isn't true. Just like your working office, where the boss is practically your story's evil character, and you as the good character. Does the good character actually goes killing the evil character? Would you kill your boss? No, of course you won't. Killing is murder, and murder gets you into jail. You suddenly become the villain of the story. The End. And had you won your boss in battle? That's why fairy tales should be switched to much normal and suitable books, and not just some fairy tale from the 1800s.

Fairy tales now aren't even close to the modern world, and are a threat to the children of the next generation. These fairy tales would be harmful to our next generation, and can cause serious and severe incidents to children, like narcissism, self-centered, and even this "princess syndrome" or "little emperor syndrome" for boys, can even go on to the adolescent and adult age, where girls would act as princesses, and boys as princes or emperors, seeking help from anything, and could not solve any problems without help. This is a harmful tumor to society and to our next generation, and with these fairy tales existing throughout our lives or even the unborn, these fairy tales must be exterminated, at least half of it at least. We don't need beautiful, cliche-driven, happy ending stories, nor that we need masses of it. Overall, fairy tales are the tumors of our childhood and unborn's childhood, and these stories should either be switched to non-fiction books, adult books, adolescent books, or new fairy tales that are more realistic and suits up the modern world.
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