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This story about myself for the pride month. I hope everyone will enjoy this. And I'm not perfect or this, so kindly accept this. HAPPY PRIDE MONTH!

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Do you know about your sexuality? Well, I don’t know about my sexuality because I’m confused about it. But I know that there are more than one sexualities you can identify yourself with, Like, LGBTQ+. It identified Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer, etc. I’m part of that community too. If you ever wonder about your sexuality or being confused like me, Be positive. Everything will be fine. Take care of yourself. If your family, friends, or anyone didn’t accept you. Just remember, there’s a whole community waiting to welcome you. Accept you, give love, care, happiness to you. So, take it slowly and be happy. Here is a story about me being confused about my sexuality and how I wish to get through it. (The names and places are fake)

My name is Kai. I’m a girl who likes to act like a boy, dress like a boy. And I have some problems, well, The first one is my sexuality. I don’t romanticly like boys. I actually can’t imagine a future with a boy. But with a girl is everything. Another one is my friends. Well, This is a long story. When I was in grade 7, I met my first friend group. They were my first friend group because I didn’t have any friends or best friends for seven years. Because of that, I always felt lonely in school. When I met them, I was an innocent, kind, and silent girl who didn’t like any drama. When I was in grade 9, everything went crazy. In grade 7, the last day of Winter break, I showed up to class cutting my hair because I wanted to be like my best friend. At that time, I thought it was cool but, My friends didn’t like it that much. Till nine grade, I was having a great time with them, but, Slowly, they didn’t want me anymore. They started talking behind my back about how I’m walking, talking, dressing. Everything I do, they ended up judging it. At first, I didn’t notice those things. When in grade nine, one day, they scolded me for acting like a boy. They said I’m a gay person. So, I needed to change. And I tried, But couldn’t do it. So, They left me. Now, I got great friends who accept me for who I am. The next problem about my family. My family isn’t religious but, I’m living in a place that doesn’t allow LGBTQ+ rights. If I liked some other girl, and if we are together, that means a shame to Myself and My family. So, When I graduate from school, I want to go to a foreign country and, Start a new life.

So, If you, struggling with something, you can ask someone’s help. And, don’t give up. Keep trying. One day, everything will be fine. Well, at least I believe it. Then, have a great pride month. Remember, If you want any support, You got me.

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